About Us

Cinematic Chatter welcomes you to its pages, the home of LGBTQ+ information in the movie industry.

I am John Miller, a writer here; I just wanted to take you behind the scenes of how we report the best news on LGBTQ+ and celebrities.

To me, it’s more than facts when writing this material. It is about finding stories that you, our readers, cannot wait to read.

I always ensure that we share some of the most popular things with you by checking news websites and social media sites and engaging with insiders in this field.

But these are not all the big stories that I am looking for. For instance, I enjoy writing about celebrity sexuality and their trending news. I feel like every queer story should get heard.

It could be an action-packed thriller, maybe a romantic comedy, or a meaningful drama; whatever the case might be at all times, I will follow it up right from here since such lists as those of movies and television series do not matter, but creating a community full of people who love LGBTQ+ entertainment as much as me.

Therefore, stay tuned! Connect with me on social media platforms such as Twitter or Linkedin; subscribe to our newsletter and read our latest news. I can’t wait for you to indulge together on matters concerning LGBTQ culture both in Hollywood and beyond!