Is Caitlin Clark Gay? Rumors About Her Being Transgender

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Caitlin Clark is a super good basketball player on the Iowa Hawkeyes team at college. People know her for scoring a bunch of points and making neat moves on the court. She has won many awards, and folks think she is one of the best players in college basketball. 

But her life when she’s not playing ball has made some people wonder about her sexual orientation. So let’s talk about what people are saying: is Caitlin Clark gay?”

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Is Caitlin Clark Gay?


Caitlin Clark is known to be dating Connor McCaffery, who also plays basketball. They have kept their relationship pretty private and quiet. 

So, based on what we know, Caitlin Clark likes boys and is not gay. However, it’s important to remember that who someone likes in a boyfriend or girlfriend way is their business, and we should respect that.

Rumors About Caitlin Clark’s Sexual Orientation

According to some sources, Social media could have started the rumors about Caitlin Clark being transgender. Some websites and supporters said things about her maybe using hormones to change gender. 

But these claims have no supporting evidence – they are wrong. We should focus on her impressive basketball skills and how she contributes to developing the game. 

These rumors should not overshadow the fact that she is among the best female college basketball players today. We must remember to respect personal lives and identities. We should not spread rumors without facts.

Is Caitlin Clark In A Relationship? (2017- Till Now)

Is Caitlin Clark In A Relationship

Caitlin Clark and Connor McCaffery are dating each other. Connor used to play basketball for the Iowa Hawkeyes.


Connor McCaffery joined the Iowa Hawkeyes basketball team. Caitlin Clark came to play for them three years later.


Connor McCaffery left Iowa to become a coach. That same year, Caitlin Clark and Connor McCaffery told people they were dating. 

Their first time going out together where people could see was at a Minnesota Timberwolves vs Denver Nuggets basketball game.

August 2023

Clark shared pictures of them on a boat on Instagram.

January 22, 2024

McCaffery posted lots of photos to wish Clark a happy 22nd Birthday. 

They have kept their relationship pretty private, but they have backed each other with their basketball jobs.

Caitlin Clark Awards List from 2020-2023

Here are some of Caitlin Clark’s achievements:

2020-2021All-Big Ten First-Team selection
2020-2021AP All-American Second-Team selection
2020-2021Big Ten All-Freshman selection
2020-2021Big Ten Rookie of the Year
2020-2021USBWA Freshman of the Year
2020-2021WBCA Freshman of the Year
2021Women’s NCAA Tournament All-Region selection
2021-2022All-Big Ten First-Team selection
2021-2022AP All-American First-Team selection
2021-2022Big Ten Player of the Year
2021-2022Nancy Lieberman Award
2022-2023AP All-American First-Team selection
2022-2023AP Player of the Year
2022-2023Honda Sports Award

Peeking Ahead

There may be continuing rumors regarding Caitlin Clark’s sexual preference. Nevertheless, the real details remain undisclosed as one of her private affairs. 

Maybe, with time, she will feel free to confirm or disavow. While waiting for that, we can only believe what Caitlin Clark tells us.

Being humble and caring about other people’s rights as much as she has will be good enough for us instead of guessing who she is. Irrespective of his orientation, she is a role model for all young players, and all must respect his inspiring leadership.

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Is Caitlin Clark gay?

From what is available, Caitlin Clark is not gay. She is dating Connor McCaffery.

What comments has Caitlin Clark made regarding her sexuality?

Caitlin Clark has not publicly addressed her sexual orientation. One should be cautious while dealing with other individual’s sexual preferences because this is quite personal to them.

How did the rumors begin about Caitlin Clark’s sexual orientation?

The rumors concerning Caitlin Clark’s sexual orientation began on social media channels. A few fans and platforms alleged that she was taking transgender hormone replacement without any basis of facts.

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