Is Sanaa Lathan Gay? People Started Talking About Her Sexuality

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Sanaa Lathan is an actress with exceptional talent. Her beauty and performances in all her movies have been stunning, earning her many fans.

We field various inquiries about her daily, often centered around her sexuality.

In response, Lathan has said a desire to distance herself from the spotlight, prompting our team to diligently seek out reliable news about her and her sexual orientation.

So, if you’re curious about whether Sanaa Lathan identifies as gay or not, we can provide you with an answer.

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Is Sanaa Lathan Gay?

Is Sanaa Lathan Gay

Some people tried to damage Sanaa Lathan’s reputation by spreading rumors online that she was gay. But Sanaa has never said she’s gay.

When someone asked her directly about her sexuality in an interview, Sanaa said:

I’m not gay. I do not have anything against homosexual behavior and so on. I have many good girlfriends. Then again, I consider myself a girl’s girl, which means I have great friends, unlike those who do not like to be in the presence of other pretty women because some feel threatened by them. Regina Hall is an extremely close pal of mine; Gabrielle Union is one of my closest confidantes. I hang out with good girls with whom we share everything like sisters do.

Now that Sanaa herself has said she’s not gay, there shouldn’t be any more confusion about her sexuality.

Why Did Sanaa Lathan’s Gay Rumors Begin?

People started talking about Sanaa possibly liking both boys and girls when her friend Regina Hall kissed her on the cheek at a party in Hollywood. 

This got fans talking, with some guessing they might be more than friends. However, both actresses said they’re just friends and not romantically involved.

Similar talk came up when people thought Sanaa might be dating Nia Long, her co-star in the movie “The Best Man.” But Sanaa quickly said in an interview that she’s just good friends with Nia, and people shouldn’t think there’s anything romantic between them.

Is Sanaa Lathan Dating Currently?

She is not in a romantic relationship now. Not having said anything significant about dating, it would be reasonable to assume she is a single woman. Nevertheless, she once married and dated many boyfriends before.

It was during the 1990s when she and Shemar Moore fell in love. The two exchanged vows in a small private ceremony on May 11, 1990. They started going out around early 1985 and tied the knot four years later. Eight months into the wedding preparation, they got engaged.

Although officially their divorce came through on July 15, 1996, little was known regarding its causes.

Sanaa Lathan Disputed Engagement

In 2010, Sanaa Lathan became engaged to a businessman named Steve Rifkind. However, their relationship stirred debate as Steve hadn’t finalized his divorce proceedings, prompting charges that Sanaa was a home wrecker. Their engagement ended in 2011, and they moved on to other relationships.

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Sanaa Lathan Past Relationships

Is Sanaa Lathan Gay

Apart from being engaged and married, there are other famous people with whom Sanaa Lathan has supposedly had romantic relationships. 

She was in a relationship with Omar Epps, her “Love & Basketball” co-star, between 1999 and 2002. Still, they kept it low profile so they could not let their work be influenced.

She also briefly dated ex-footballer Adewale Ogunleye between 2007 and 2008; however, they did not make it known publicly. 

There were beliefs concerning a possible romance between her and Tyrese Gibson, an actor in the film “Fast & Furious” at some Hollywood event, although its nature remains unclear.

Further, rumors about Sanaa Lathan with Denzel Washington, Terrell Owens, and French Montana have surfaced. However, these stories have yet to be proven true or false.


Did Sanaa Lathan ever tie the knot?

Yes, Sanaa Lathan married Shemar Moore for six years, from 1990 to 1996.

Who was supposed to marry Sanaa Lathan?

Sanaa Lathan was due to wed a business mogul named Steve Rifkind in 2010. However, they changed their minds, and by 2011, they decided against getting married.

Has Sanaa Lathan dated other famous people?

She has dated famous individuals such as Omar Epps, Adewale Ogunleye, and Tyrese Gibson. But these love affairs can’t be established.

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