Kristen Stewart’s Boozy Lesbian Makeover for Seth Meyers!

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So, here’s the thing: Kristen Stewart, the star of “Love Lies Bleeding,” helped Seth Meyers, the host of “Late Night,” understand what it’s like to be a lesbian icon—or at least, she showed him how to dress like one.

They did this during a super fun episode of “Seth Goes Day Drinking.” They decided to do their makeover at Boxers NYC, a well-known gay bar in Chelsea.

While there, they enjoyed some cool drinks called Panic Room cocktails. These are a mix of an energy drink, an espresso martini, and a Tic Tac instead of a Xanax.

They also had Bloody Marys, which were inspired by Stewart’s role as Bella Swan in the Twilight movies. Even though Meyers confessed he’d never seen any of the Twilight movies, Stewart didn’t mind. She even joked, “You better be giving me your blood for this.”

In the middle of their fun day, Stewart switched from a dark T-shirt to a plain white one. She then acted out a silly scene that Meyers and his team had written. The scene was about a dad who had a “fart attack” and now had to fart through a tube.

Even though Meyers stopped her in the middle of the scene, Stewart defended her performance. She said, “That was going to lead to something, with laughter and vulnerability. It was something I was going to find out. Don’t interrupt me, man.” Just like a real artist would say.

After playing darts, it was time for the lesbian’s makeover. Meyers knew that Stewart was a “lesbian icon,” so he asked her to help him dress up. He said, “Here’s the agreement, Kristen Stewart.”

I have many lesbian accessories and clothes. Help me become a lesbian icon.

Stewart’s response? “Oh God,” she said, without showing any emotion.
But jokes aside, it seems like Stewart had a great time dressing up Meyers. When he asked her to introduce him, she asked, “Seth, you want to come out?” (Get it?)

In the end, Meyers was wearing a jean jacket, a white tee, and some cool see-through aviator sunglasses. Stewart added a green beanie to complete the look.

She asked him, “Do you not feel cooler than you’ve ever felt?” Meyers feels like he has returned to his true self, showing that anyone can be an ally.

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