Joe Alwyn Earning Big Since Dating Taylor Swift

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You won’t believe how much money Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn has likely made from just a few songs! Joe and Taylor dated for 6 years before shockingly breaking up in early 2023. During their relationship, Joe co-wrote six songs with Taylor using the name “William Bowery.”

These songs are on Taylor’s latest album, “The Tortured Poets Department.” Fans think some tracks, like “So Long, London,” are about Joe. The two were rumored to be living together and possibly even engaged at one point!

Though their split was sad, Taylor seems super happy now with her new boyfriend, Travis Kelce. Joe’s songwriting skills paid off big time, thanks to Taylor’s ongoing Eras Tour performances of their co-written tracks.

Between his acting career and those six hit songs with his famous ex, Joe Alwyn may never need to work another day in his life! That’s not bad for just helping out his girlfriend at the time. Their breakup songs made him a fortune.

A source told Life & Style Magazine that Joe Alwyn has become super rich thanks to just 6 songs he co-wrote with his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift! Under the name “William Bowery,” Joe helped write hit tracks like “Sweet Nothing,” “Champagne Problems,” “Evermore,” “Coney Island,” “Exile,” and “Betty.”

“It may not be fair, but it has made him a wealthy individual,” stated the source. Joe’s royalties and Taylor’s Eras Tour have made him financially secure.

In 2020, Joe and Taylor even won a Grammy for “Exile” and “Betty” from the “Folklore” album. But that’s just the start of Joe’s fortune!

The magazine claims Joe has already made around $2.3 million (£1.8 million) from Spotify streams alone on those 6 songs. And that doesn’t include royalties from when Taylor sang them live or money from other streaming services!

According to an insider, Taylor’s albums have sold millions of copies and stay highly famous for streaming. He will easily make a five-figure sum every year from his contributions. Composing six songs for big albums like Taylor’s guarantees a lifelong income.”

So, while their breakup was sad, Joe’s songwriting skills have made him a multi-millionaire who may never need to work again! It’s not bad for just lending a hand to his superstar ex-girlfriend.

But Taylor got her own back with her new album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” which dropped on April 19th. Fans quickly noticed the album name sounds a lot like the WhatsApp group Joe is in with actors Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott called “The Tortured Man Club.”

In an interview with GQ, Joe said “The Tortured Man Club” refers to Paul Mescal’s character Connell from the show Normal People. However, sources told The Daily Mail that Taylor wasn’t happy about the group’s name when Joe first joined.

“When they were together, Taylor criticized him for his name. “She was upset because he spoke about it, and she didn’t want it linked with her,” said the source.

After dealing with misogynistic labels in the media for years just because she writes about her relationships, it makes sense Taylor would worry about the group name.

However, the same source claims Joe doesn’t think Taylor’s new album will diss him too much. Using code and references, she writes about their past together, and he hopes it’s nothing more than a reflection of their time.

Even if Taylor throws some subtle shade at her ex on the new album, at least Joe is already a multi-millionaire from co-writing her past hits! Money helps take the sting out of breakup songs.

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