Is Chris Lowe Gay? Romantic Relationship With His Bandmate

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Chris Lowe, a musician from England, formed with Neil Tennant back in 1981 to create the fantastic music duo Pet Shop Boys. He is in charge of playing the keyboard and, at times, singing along to their songs. 

Several awards have come their way for recording numerous US as well as UK hits. Now, let’s dive into Chris’s personal life and talk about his sexual orientation.

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Is Chris Lowe Gay?


Chris Lowe, who is a member of their synth-pop duo. He never openly discussed his sexual orientation like his partner and bandmate Neil Tennant, who came out as gay in 1994. There have been beliefs regarding this. However, he neither confirmed nor denied being gay. 

As such, his fans and other onlookers have had to rely on indirect information in order to determine whether he is heterosexual or not. Their music and creative collaboration matter more than Chris Lowe’s private affairs.

How Speculations About Chris Lowe Gender Begins?

People started thinking about Chris Lowe’s love life because he was in the Pet Shop Boys band. This group was famous for making nightlife very big for guys of the same sex all over the world. In any case, Chris Lowe has always been a quiet man and never revealed whom he loves.

There were rumors that he had entered into a romantic relationship with his bandmate Neil Tennant, and on one occasion, there was even talk of them getting married. Nevertheless, Chris Lowe did not confirm any of these stories. It is necessary to respect other people’s rights to privacy because their personal lives have nothing to do with us.

Irrespective of what others say or think, let us allow this person to live the way he wants without many inquiries concerning his private matters. Ultimately, it is up to him who he chooses to love, and nobody should ask such questions.

Does Chris Lowe Have Partner?

Does Chris Lowe Have Partner

Chris Lowe is currently reported to be single. Rumors suggest that he had a romantic relationship with his assistant, Peter Andreas, who passed away in 1994 but are not verfied. We will update you as soon as we have more information about his personal life. Stay updated with us for the latest information.

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What is Chris Lowe’s stance on LGBTQ+ rights?

The Pet Shop Boys, on the other hand, have engaged with gay concerns in their music.

Has Pet Shop Boys’ songs ever depicted anything concerning homosexuality?

Yes, there are a number of songs done by The Pet Shop Boys about homosexuality. For instance, “Can You Forgive Her?” and “Go West” are known to handle gay topics.

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