Former Beauty Queen Kylie Verzosa Finds True Peace Outside Showbiz!

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The 2016 Miss International winner shared that she and her boyfriend met through a common friend. She hopes this relationship will lead to “marriage” because she wants to have kids and be a mom someday.

Kylie Verzosa just opened up about her new relationship, and it’s pretty special! She used to date celebrity Jake Cuenca, but now she’s in a private, non-showbiz romance that she described as “more peaceful” and “the best” when talking to Karen Davila.

When asked about her new boyfriend, Kylie said, “It’s amazing; the best! It’s calmer. The pressure on our relationship has lessened. I’m glad we were able to keep it personal between us two only.”

This is quite significant for someone in show business where so many aspects of my life are public knowledge; however, this relationship is different.”

Kylie confirmed that she and her boyfriend agreed to keep their relationship away from the spotlight. “We both want to keep it private. We both decided we wanted it that way. I’m in a different industry, and he’s in a different industry too. He respects my work, and I respect his job. He’s very supporting of everything I accomplish.”

The 2016 Miss International winner shared that she and her boyfriend met through a common friend. She also believes that there could be a ‘marriage’ at the end of this one because she wants children so badly.

After breaking up with Jake Cuenca two years ago, Kylie remarked that she hasn’t seen or spoken with him since. She believes “exes should remain exes.”

“I prefer to keep that part of our lives between us. I’m grateful for everything that happened. He’s a good person, and I have only good things to say about him,” said Kylie.

“We’ve never seen each other. We’ve never verbal and should keep it that way. I think exes should remain exes,” she added.

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