Is Abigail Thorn Gay, Lesbian, Or Trans? Supports LGBTQ+ Rights

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Is Abigail Thorn Gay, Lesbian, Or Trans? As an influential English personality, Abigail Thorn is popular for her YouTube philosophy channel, Philosophy Tube, where she tackles philosophical notions. In 2013, she began this channel to give free lessons on philosophy. Her vlogs have a significant following, as over a million individuals subscribe to them. 

As one of the famous YouTubers, Abigail Thorn has received much scrutiny regarding her personal life from inquiring fans. Nonetheless, there is little information or rather hard information about her personal affairs. 

Consequently, we will discuss what can be established and why it may be harmful to guess any facts related to her own life.

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Is Abigail Thorn Gay, Lesbian, Or Trans? (She Is a Transgender Woman and A Lesbian)

She is a famous female YouTuber and actress from England. She has openly admitted that she is a transgender woman and a lesbian. Abigail was born trans but became female through transitioning, something that she came out as transgender in January 2021.

The value of this act cannot be underestimated on her part, as well as many others within the LGBTQ+ community, since it demonstrates how vital it is to stay real with oneself.

Why Do People Want to Know Now About Abigail Thorn’s Sexuality?

Why Do People Want to Know Now About Abigail Thorn's Sexuality

Abigail Thorn has shown us the journey of discovering her true identity; people may be wondering what might have occurred in her personal life. Her desire for both male and female folks before a sudden realization that she is transgendered is something that this lady has discussed. 

Among many other elements that make one attracted to Thorn’s story is why she chose to share it with others. Additionally, as an advocate for the rights of sexual minorities, she too has added something else to the curiosity pot. Overall, her honesty and activism have piqued curiosity about whom she might be in love with.

How Has Abigail Thorn Responded to The Rumors About Her Sexuality?

Abigail Thorn never said anything about the rumors regarding her sexuality. She hasn’t talked about this gossip even though she has been open about her gender identity and who she adores. 

Her YouTube channel is mainly for sharing her personal experiences, supporting LGBTQ+ rights, and exploring deep sociopolitical and philosophical matters. 

So far, there isn’t any definite information as to whether or not Abigail’s response has verified the rumors.

What Is Abigail Thorn’s Relationship Status?

What Is Abigail Thorn's Relationship Status

Abigail Thorn is famous for her frankness about herself. However, less public information has been disclosed about her relationship status. The most recent news confirms that she is not engaged in any known relationships. 

She has never mentioned having a boyfriend in the media. Based on this arrangement, it appears that she’s focusing on her career and personal development right now. The private lives of individuals must be respected, so it is important to avoid prying on them.

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Is Abigail Thorn Lesbian?

Yes, as of February 2022, she has publicly said that she identifies with herself as a lesbian.

What does Abigail Thorn mean to the LGBTQ+ community?

Transparency about her identity on the part of Abigail Thorn has boosted transgender and lesbian identities being visible and understood. Her story is a motivation for many within the LGTBQ+ community.

Is Abigail Thorn in a relationship now?

According to the latest information, Abigail Thorn is not in a romantic relationship and has not revealed whether she is seeing someone.

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