Is Carly Pearce Gay? Fans Think Her as Gay Due to Her Collab

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As a Kentucky-born country singer, Carly Pearce began her musical life at an early age. Her song “Every Little Thing” caught the hearts of many people in 2017, leading to a series of albums and awards for her incredible music.

Nowadays, there are things that people like to know about Carly Pearce’s personal life and her gender.

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Is Carly Pearce Gay? {Dated Many Guys in The Past}


No, Carly Pearce is not gay. She has dated guys in the past, like her drummer, B.C. Taylor, and former baseball player Riley King. 

People have been interested in her romantic life, but it’s mostly about her connections with men. Based on sources, it’s clear she’s not gay.

What Fuels the Speculation About Carly Pearce’s Gender?

Some fans may have thought Carly Pearce was gay because she made music with Ryan Hurd, Maren Morris’s ex-husband. But Carly said Ryan is just an old friend, nothing more. They worked together, but that doesn’t mean they are dating or anything romantic. Carly told fans not to gossip and make stuff up. She has stated plainly that she is not gay.

Carly Pearce’s Relationship Past (2018- Present)

Carly Pearce's Relationship Past

Carly Pearce is a country musician who has been open about her relationships and past marriages.

Michael Ray (2018-2020)

Carly Pearce was wedded to another country singer named Michael Ray. They got committed in December 2018 and tied the knot in October 2019. But their marriage didn’t last long, and Carly filed for divorce in June 2020.

Riley King (2021-2023)

After splitting from Michael Ray, Carly began dating Riley King, who used to play baseball in the big clubs.

BC Taylor (2023-present)

These days, Carly is with her drummer, BC Taylor. They made their relationship official on Instagram late last summer. Carly has been sharing lots of photos and stories about her life off-stage, and BC is often right there by her side.

Pearce was open about the value of counseling and finding relief in faith and family during challenging moments. 

She further highlighted the importance of trust and communication in relationships, stressing that one should be honest about their feelings and needs.

What We Can Know from Carly Pearce?

While the public may be curious about Carly Pearce’s sexual orientation, she does not have to share these details with them. Everyone is allowed to keep their private life secret as it relates to sex and love.

Carly Pearce is a good role model because she doesn’t mix her career with her personal life. Her choices teach a valuable lesson about not jumping to decisions regarding people’s sexual orientations without proof.

No matter what Carly Pearce identified as, her fan base still adores her for her excellent acting skills and magnetic personality. 

Admire Carly Pearce for her music skills and give her space. She has a successful career and happy family life, doing things her way.

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Who is Carly Pearce presently involved with?

Currently, Carly Pearce is in a relationship with her drummer BC Taylor.

Has Carly Pearce ever spoken about her sexual orientation?

In public records, there’s no specific statement made by Carly Pearson regarding her sexual orientation; however, her dating history shows that she is straight.

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