Is David Muir Gay? He Has Been Seen At Gay Venues

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David Muir is a famous American journalist who anchors ABC World News Tonight. He was born in Syracuse, New York, in 1973 and raised in a Catholic family. 

When he graduated from college, his broadcasting career began, and he has been awarded many journalistic prizes since then; however, with his successful journey came questions about his personal life, including sexual orientation. 

It is time to explore the article further for more information regarding David Muir’s Personal life and sexual orientation.

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Is David Muir Gay?


David Muir is famous for maintaining a low profile about his personal life. There have been talks and rumors circulating that he might be gay. 

Nonetheless, Muir has not yet stated publicly if he is or isn’t gay. He has been rumored to have had relationships with both men and women in the past, but unless it comes from him, we can only treat them as such rumors. 

If he decides to open up about his private life, it must be his choice, and therefore, we should not intrude on his privacy.

How Do Speculations About David Muir’s Sexual Orientation Begin?

Reports have continued to spread about David Muir’s sexuality because he has not made any public remarks about it. He has reportedly been seen at gay venues, but he has not addressed these allegations. 

The rising prominence of the LGBTQ+ community and an increasing curiosity about famous people might be fueling the rumors. 

Although there are no conclusive signs relating to his sexual orientation, David Muir neither accepts nor disowns this; you would hardly find anyone who knows his past love affairs.

David Muir’s Relationship Timeline

David Muir's Relationship Timeline

David Muir is known for his private personal life. Here’s what we know about his relationship timeline:

Gio Benitez

News reporter Gio Benitez was believed to be in love with David Muir. Their dating history lasted for a while, but eventually, they separated.


David’s most recent romantic interest has been linked to a man named Sean. According to the media, he and Sean have been spotted together more than once. However, David never confirmed their affair.

This couple is rumored to be married and happy together. However, there are no details of where and when this marriage happened.

Note that David Muir himself has not officially approved these reports, as they rely on the media and rumors. 

He has been linked to Kelly Ripa and Kate Dries, but there is no concrete proof to support these rumors. 

It must also be recalled that people need to respect his privacy so that he can choose whether to let others know about any issues pertaining to his personal life on his terms or allow him to share any details about his personal life on his terms if he chooses to do so.

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Is David Muir currently in a relationship?

There have been reports that David Muir is dating a man called Sean. Still, this relationship has not yet been confirmed publicly by David himself.

Has David Muir been linked with any partners?

David Muir has had relations with both male and female partners over time. However, these are just rumors without an official confirmation from him.

Has David Muir appeared in any gay clubs?

Rumors about David Muir’s sex orientation started to circulate after he was seen many times at gay clubs. However, his sexuality is still unknown.

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