Is Malakai Gay in Heartbreak High? Important LGBTQ+ Character In The Show

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Malakai is a character on the show Heartbreak High. At Hartley High School, Malakai has joined as a new student. He enjoys playing basketball and dancing in addition to making friends.

To others, Malakai appears as if he is nice and friendly. He shows warmth and kindness towards people.

Do you want to watch the series ‘Heartbreak High’? It’s based on students at Hartley High School. The story of Malakai is scripted in it. Lets go and find more in this article.

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Is Malakai Gay in Heartbreak High?

Is Malakai Gay in Heartbreak High

Malakai Mitchell, a character in the Netflix reboot of “Heartbreak High,” is depicted as bisexual. This implies that he likes men and women. He also has feelings for Amerie, the female character, pointing towards his opposite-sex orientation. 

The plot further develops his character as he explores his sexuality through having a sneaky three-way with Harper and Dusty. Nonetheless, it likewise suggests that he might also be attracted to people of the same gender.

His character plays an important role in LGBTQ+ representation on TV and represents bisexuality. He is among the earliest young Indigenous male characters portrayed on television. He is an athletic Bundjalung boy full of bravado and makes friends easily.

Therefore, Malakai is not only gay but also part of the LGBTQ+ community. His role enhances diversity and inclusion in the series, thereby providing representation for both indigenous people and the LGBTQ+ community. His journey through his sexuality adds depth to the whole story, hence giving it more appeal.

Who Is Malakai’s Girlfriend in Heartbreak High?

Who Is Malakai's Girlfriend in Heartbreak High

Malakai has shown a romantic interest in a girl named Amerie. They even engaged for a bit of time until Malakai asked Amerie to be her lover. However, their relationship was not long-lasting, and they parted ways.

After their separation, Malakai also became attracted to a new male character named Rowan. This indicates that Malakai might have been trying out his sexuality. 

Therefore, though Malakai had a girlfriend during the series, he does not just like girls. He is bisexuality personified within the LGBTQ+ community.

How does Malakai’s character Change Throughout Heartbreak High?

In the beginning, Malakai appears as a bit bewildered and unsure teenager. Still, as the show progresses, he comes to terms with his own self and gay nature. 

The character is said to be athletic and full of exaggerated confidence. He is also fresh at Hartley High, where he quickly makes friends. Throughout the series, Malakai’s growth illustrates the significance of flexibility in defining oneself rather than using rigid stereotypes that restrict one’s identity.

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Are there any other members of the LGBTQ+ community in Heartbreak High?

Yes, Darren, who is non-binary queer; Quinni and Sasha, who are lesbians; Ant, who chases after non-binary individuals; Cash, who is an asexual queer and Dusty, who also turns out to be bi-curious or bisexual.

How does the audience respond to Malakai’s character in Heartbreak High?

People generally take a liking to Malakai. His realistic and sensitive depiction of bisexuality has earned him commendations.

What is the effect of Malakai’s character on LGBTQ+ representation in Heartbreak High?

Malakai’s character has a great influence on the portrayal of LGBTQ+ people in Heartbreak High. It adds to the show’s diversity by affirming bisexuality.

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