Is Nicholas Galitzine Gay? Says “He’s Related to LGBTQ+ Characters”

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Nicholas Galitzine, a talented actor and singer from England, gained much attention for his role as a gay character in the Irish comedy-drama Handsome Devil. 

This helped him become famous because he’s good at acting. But people are curious about his sexuality, primarily because of the roles he plays. Some people think he might be gay himself.

Recently, he mentioned having a crush, which made people even more eager. However, people wonder, “Is Nicholas Galitzine Gay or not?”

Is Nicholas Galitzine Gay In Real Life?

Is Nicholas Galitzine Gay

He has maintained silence on his romantic orientation despite playing gay characters in movies such as Red, White & Royal Blue and Handsome Devil. 

He bagged five nominations for the 2016 Irish Film & Television Awards because of his role in Handsome Devil, which showed a young homosexual student.

Galitzine affirmed that he is straight in an interview with Variety in 2023, where he was asked about people’s beliefs concerning his love life.

He stated, “I think we were always on the same page with trying to create a very textured, vulnerable-feeling person in this poppy and fun world that that Red, White & Royal Blue is at times.

But look, there’s always trepidation. I can only hope that fans really will appreciate my performance. I put a lot into Henry, trying to make him feel textured and real, so that’s all I can offer at the end of the day.”

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Is Nicholas Galitzine Currently In a Relationship?

Nicholas does not have a girlfriend and has no plans to get one. Nicholas likes to keep his personal life secret, so we know very little about who he is attracted to romantically. 

The only bit of data we have is that “he once admitted to having had a crush on someone he saw at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.”

Certain rumors were circulating; for example, he was said to be dating Lilli Kay people, but this could not be verified, leaving it as pure fiction. Others mentioned that he might have been close with Camila Cabello from Cinderella, yet they are just buddies despite what some may think.

Besides these few things, Nicholas has kept quiet concerning any more details about his personal or romantic life.

What Excites Fans to Think About “Is Nicholas Galitzine Gay?”


In his effort to bring Henry to life, Galitzine is committed to making the character feel genuine. He cares about this; you can tell from how he talks about it in interviews.

Interesting Roles: Making People Wonder

Galitzine has played roles where his characters are LGBTQ+, making people curious about his sexuality. In “Handsome Devil,” he played Conor Masters, a gay rugby player hiding his true self. 

In “The Craft: Legacy,” he was Timmy Andrews, a high school bully who likes both boys and girls. 

Then, in “Mary & George,” he played George Villers, who was in a relationship with King James VI of Scotland and I of England. 

And now, he’s set to play Jeff, the popular jock in the comedy “Bottoms,” which also explores LGBTQ+ themes.

Connected to LGBTQ+ Stories

Galitzine says he relates to LGBTQ+ characters. When he talked about “Handsome Devil,” he said it’s about finding who you are and dealing with what people wish you to be. 

He wants people to know it’s not just about being a musician or an artist; it’s about finding yourself and being true to that.

Effect on LGBTQ+ Teens

Galitzine hopes his work, especially in “Handsome Devil,” will help LGBTQ+ teens feel confident about who they are. He remembers how the movie came out at the same time as Ireland was deciding if gay people could get married. He thinks everyone must see stories that are true to life.

Clearing Up Confusion

Galitzine wants people to know that actors are more than just the characters they play. He says it’s vital to be honest and open to break away from stereotypes.

Dealing with Romantic Scenes

Galitzine talks about how tricky it can be to film romantic scenes. He says it’s important to show love like it is. His co-star, Taylor Zakhar Perez, had good chemistry in their scenes, making their on-screen relationship feel real.

The Important Job of the Intimacy Coordinator

Galitzine and Zakhar Perez credit their intimacy coordinator, Taylor Hunt, for helping them with their romantic scenes. They say it was crucial to plan everything carefully to authentically show their characters’ journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does Galitzine play so many gay roles?

When speaking to him, it becomes clear that he is often attracted by narratives that revolve around self-discovery and acceptance of one’s being.

These are themes that resonate with him, considering his personal experiences with sexuality regardless of actual desires.

Does Galitzine have a boyfriend?

There are no reports of Galitzine dating a man at this time. He does not like revealing much about his love life publicly. A straight actor might have a girlfriend, but her identity and existence are unknown.

Is Nicholas Galitzine open about his sexual orientation?

No. In interviews, Galitzine has openly disclosed that he is a heterosexual person taking the roles of gay characters in movies. He discussed how he avoided stereotypes or caricatures while acting.

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