Is Noel Deyzel Gay? He Revealed His Sexual Orientation In An Interview!

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Deyzel is a multi-talented person. He has a knack for physical conditioning, bodybuilding, management of IFBB competitions, entrepreneurship, and blogging.

When he first began to share his funny, educational movies, as well as popular workout videos on media platforms.

A significant figure in different social media platforms, Noel is the most famous TikTok star. Today, he posts on TikTok videos about sports and fitness that help many individuals around the world stay healthy.

Meanwhile, he works as a health coach who enjoys getting people’s bodies shaped as they want.

Many people are talking about him sexually. Therefore, let us take more information from this article: “Is Noel Deyzel gay?”

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Overview: Noel Deyzel’s Career and Public Image

Is Noel Deyzel Gay?

Noel Deyzel, born in 1984 in South Africa, started doing bodybuilding when he was 21. Having been teased for being tall and skinny, fitness became his passion.

He started posting exercise videos on YouTube in 2008 and TikTok recently. He gained a huge following quickly, advising millions of subscribers on physical fitness.

Besides social media presence, Deyzel is also a celebrity trainer and co-owner of the Ryse brand supplements. His online persona reveals this masculinity with weight training and healthy living choices.

Most people who knew him thought Deyzel was straight due to his public image. Nonetheless, the fitness influencer shocked fans when he entered the Mr. Gay World South Africa contest 2019.

The Truth about Noel Deyzel’s Sexuality

The main aim of this article is to address this query while stressing the importance of personal privacy. The importance of open discussions regarding diversity and inclusion ought to be recognized.

Noel Deyzel is gay, yes – that answers the question. In an interview with YouTuber Derek, he revealed his sexual orientation on October 31, 2021. A TikTok celebrity named Noel found great support and love from his social media fans.

One adherent remarked, “Noel is more masculine than every homophobe put together, lol, respect.” He has been hailed by followers for breaking down traditional concepts of masculinity. 

Although some homophobic trolls did target him online, the LGBTQ+ community outweighed these negatives in terms of their support.

A gay bodybuilder’s fan praised Noel for coming out, saying, “As a gay dude that also doesn’t quite fit into the LGBTQ+ community or has ‘gay’ personality traits, he inspires me so much. Like really it means a lot that he speaks openly enough”.

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Noel Deyzel’s Personal Life and Marital Status

Many people are wondering whether Noel is married or not. His social media accounts do not portray any signs of romance despite having interesting, charming videos. Nonetheless, he has never confirmed his marital status, even from his content.

As fans continue to inquire about his personal life, speculation and rumors have emerged suggesting that he may have an alternative sexual orientation due to the absence of a visible romantic partner. 

Nevertheless, it must be remembered that the former takes precedence when comparing Noel’s professional life, which is full of outstanding content, against his search for love.

Without a clear statement from Noel himself, it is impossible to determine his sexual orientation. He has not addressed any inquiries regarding this matter.

Final Words

Noel Deyzel, the fitness influencer and TikTok star, spoke about his sexual orientation in an interview. In it, he affirmed that he is homosexual and has been lauded by his audience for seeking to redefine traditional ideas of masculinity. 

Many people mocked him because of this decision, but this did not matter, as young people who did not want to be stereotyped learned a lot from him. 

Even though we may never know much about his private life or whether he is married, Noel’s devotion to his calling and encouragement of others through various internet platforms is nothing but the demonstration of a true pathfinder on social media. 

Overall, it can be said that Noel Deyzel has lived up to what is expected of inspiration concerning social media and genuine living.


Why is there speculation about his sexual orientation?

Speculation about Noel Deyzel’s sexual orientation arose due to recent revelations made by him in an interview.

What did Noel Deyzel reveal about his sexual orientation?

Noel Deyzel openly discussed his sexual orientation in a recent interview, providing insight into his personal life.

Is Noel Deyzel confirming that he is gay?

Yes, in the interview, Noel Deyzel confirmed his sexual orientation as gay.

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