Is Paul Mescal Gay? Folks Got The Idea From His Movie!

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Paul Mescal is an Irish actor known for being in movies like “The Lost Daughter,” “God’s Creatures,” and “Aftersun.” He got a BAFTA TV Award and was up for a Primetime Emmy Award for his role in Normal People.

Lately, there’s been talk about Paul’s sexuality because of his role in Gladiator 2. People are curious to know if there’s any truth to these rumors. This article wants to find out “Is Paul Mescal Gay?”

Is Paul Mescal Gay?

No doubt, people think Paul Mescal is gay, but he’s not. Some folks got that idea because he starred in a movie called “The History of Sound,” where he played a gay character alongside Josh O’Connor. However, this is not true in real life that he is gay.

Sometimes, fans mix up actors’ roles with who they are. They think actors are just like the characters they play, but that’s not always true. It’s easy to misunderstand someone’s sexual orientation that way.

Paul Mescal is dating the American singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers. They started going out in 2020 but kept it hidden until they spilled the beans on Instagram the following year. 

They even showed up jointly at the LACMA Art + Cinema Gala. In an interview, Mescal thanked Bridgers for being there for him during tough times, proving he’s got feelings for her. People seem to like their relationship on social media.

Why Did People Start Gossiping About Paul Mescal’s Sexuality?

So, even though Mescal’s doing great in his career, there’s been talk about his sexuality because he was in a gay romance movie called “The History of Sound.” But just to set the record straight, those rumors aren’t true.

They’re based on the characters he played, not his real-life stuff.

Do you know how people sometimes get mixed up about whether actors like the characters they play? It happens a lot. But the truth is, what they do on screen isn’t always who they are off-screen. We must respect their personal lives and give them some privacy.

Paul Mescal’s Past Relationship

So, back in 2020, people were talking on social media about Mescal possibly dating this musician, Phoebe Bridgers. But they didn’t confirm anything until November 2021, when they showed up together at this fancy event called the LACMA Art + Film Gala. Then, they were spotted again in May 2022 at the Met Gala.

But things went south, and by February 2023, Mescal seemed pretty down, which got folks wondering about his love life. Then, in September 2023, Bridgers’ band dropped a song called “Revolution 0,” which seemed to be all about her past with Mescal.

Turns out, though, that song was actually about Mescal’s 2020 fling with Daisy Edgar-Jones, his co-star from “Normal People.” 

Even though they were terrific on screen, Edgar-Jones was dating someone else named Tom Varey, according to Standard UK, which put an end to any rumors about her and Mescal. 

Mescal’s been seen out on some fun dates lately, so who knows what’s up with his love life now!

Is  Paul Mescal married? 

Paul Mescal is an actor who is not married. However, he has a girlfriend named Phoebe Bridgers. She is a famous musician. Mescal and Bridgers began dating in 2020. That same year, Mescal was in the music video for Bridgers’ song “Savior Complex.”

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