Is Taylor Tomlinson Bisexual? Comedian Life with Romantic Relationship As A Gay

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Taylor Tomlinson, a comedian and TV host from California, has been doing very well and causing great waves with her comedy and shows. 

Taylor was born on November 4, 1993, in Orange County, which led to her being noticed for three Netflix specials: Quarter-Life Crisis (2020), Look At You (2022), and Have It All (2024).

Although fans are curious about Taylor Tomlinson’s personal life, especially when it comes to her love affairs and sexual orientation, she would rather not share them with the public. 

Even as people discuss her more daily, she never talks about these things.

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Is Taylor Tomlinson Bisexual?

Is Taylor Tomlinson Bisexual

In her comedy special “Have It All,” Taylor Tomlinson discusses her journey to discovering herself as bisexual. 

In this special, she jokes about moments when she was confused about her sex and says, “So I was trying to decide whether being bi or just Euphoria binge-watching.” 

Furthermore, there are Reddit posts where users claim that Taylor Tomlinson is bisexual. This means that Taylor Tomlinson has publicly admitted to her bisexuality. 

The comedian’s honest exploration of her sexuality has found an audience and opened up aspects of her personal life.

Is Taylor Tomlinson Married?

In late 2019, Taylor and Sam crossed paths and hit it off, starting as friends and eventually falling in love. In a People interview in March 2020, Taylor spilled the beans when asked who made the first move. 

She reacted:

“I’m not sure if anyone started things first. We just became friends naturally.”

They moved in jointly after dating for five months during the height of the COVID pandemic. Their quarantine videos became a hit online, showing snippets of their life together during lockdown. 

They even turned it into a short web series called “New Couple Gets Quarantine” and hosted a podcast called “This is Important to Me.”

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Sam explained why they decided to start the web series together. Taylor agreed, saying it helped them stay sharp and creative during lockdown.

In August 2021, Taylor talked about Sam in an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, joking about his New York roots and lack of driving skills.

For Taylor’s 28th birthday, Sam shared a sweet picture of them on Instagram, reminiscing about their time together in the caption.

Why Were Taylor Tomlinson and Sam Morril Separated in 2022?

Why Were Taylor Tomlinson and Sam Morril Separated in 2022

According to the sources, Taylor Tomlinson and Sam Morril separated after their engagement and broke union in 2022. 

Both confirmed the end of their relationship in various interviews and podcasts, including Sam talking about it on “The Endless Honeymoon” Podcast. 

At the same time, Taylor talked about her singlehood on “U Up?” podcast.

When their engagement ended and they split up, it marked a notable change in their relationship, leading to numerous beliefs by fans and followers. 

Despite not officially revealing the exact cause of their breakup, publicly revealing that they had broken up suggested they had decided to separate following some challenges that plagued them.

Is Taylor Tomlinson Dating Someone in 2024?

Accooding to sources, Taylor Tomlinson is not involved with anyone romantically. 

This was confirmed on a few podcasts she featured in, for example, the Your Mom’s House podcast, where she shared about breaking up with someone in February and not being ready to date again.

Furthermore, there are mentions on Reddit and similar forums about Taylor Tomlinson’s status concerning relationships being available to the public, indicating that she is single and trying to find out more about her sexual orientation.

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