Is Tom Felton Gay? Shared A Passionate On-Screen Kiss!

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Despite the roles he plays as an actor, his fans will always refer to him as Draco Malfoy. Despite acting for over ten years, Tom Felton’s personal life remains mysterious, mostly about his sexual orientation.

His real name is Thomas Andrew Felton, an English actor born on September 22nd, 1987. He became popular due to his role in the film J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

However, there are many misconceptions about his sexual orientation. in this blog, we will find out, “Is Tom Felton gay?” Let’s go and know more.

Is Tom Felton Gay?

It’s rare to find a Hollywood star who hasn’t been talked about regarding their sexuality. Tom Felton, who acted as Draco Malfoy, is the same. Over the years, many stories have spread about his personal life, with some saying he’s gay.

One incident that made people talk more was when Tom Felton and Austin Swift, Taylor Swift’s brother, shared a passionate on-screen kiss in the 2020 film Breaking For Whales.

However, Tom Felton cleared up these rumors in an interview when he firmly said, “I am not gay.” With his denial, any guesses about his sexuality should be put to rest.

What Does Tom Felton Have to Say About His Sexual Orientation?

There has been speculation about the sexuality and gender of Tom Felton, with some fans and media meaning he may be homosexual or bisexual. 

In 2019, Felton said that he is okay with his Harry Potter character being gay in fan fiction without addressing his sexual orientation.

He advocates for gender equality and explains why men should support women’s rights. He has also participated in charity work advocating for equal options and other social concerns.

Overall, Tom Felton is a talented actor who cares about various societal causes and speaks out against them. 

However, though there are rumors about his sexuality as well as gender, he has not confirmed or denied any of them.

Did, In Reality, Tom Felton Marry Emma Watson?

Is Tom Felton Gay

Tom Felton and Emma Watson didn’t walk down the hall together. They’re good friends who met on the Harry Potter movie sets where they both starred. 

Despite their characters, Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger, hitting it off on screen, there’s never been any real-life affair between the two actors. 

Tom and Emma have stayed tight over the years and have had successful careers in movies and TV shows.

When the news broke that Emma Watson was engaged to her boyfriend of over a year, Leonardo Robinton, it caught many fans and the public off guard. 

Watson has kept her love life under wraps for years, but the Daily Mail spilled the beans on May 13, 2021, reporting that she and her beau were spotted together for the first time since May 2017.

Throughout her career, Watson has nailed roles where she plays a mom on screen, starting with the end of the Harry Potter series almost 19 years ago and continuing with her role as an expectant mother in Noah. 

With her relationship with Robinton hitting the skids, folks eagerly await what’s next for them.

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Is Tom Felton Dating Someone? 

Well, as of 2023, it seems he’s single! His last serious relationship was with stunt assistant and actress Jade Olivia Gordon. They were together from April 2008 until early 2016.

To Whom Does Malfoy Date in The Hogwarts?

During their time at Hogwarts, Tom Felton was in a romantic relationship with Pansy Parkinson. They started going out during their fourth year and were still together two years later. 

They could often be seen around school together as Pansy belonged to Slytherin like Draco. Though they were not the closest friends, Harry had loved Draco since they were kids, Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley, recently revealed. Even Ron himself had a soft spot for Malfoy, though. 

Their complicated love triangle involved Pansy, who had been having feelings for Draco forever. Nonetheless, Pansy and Draco got very close, while Harry and Draco did not display much affection for each other even after spending some special moments together at the Yule Ball. 

The Harry Potter series becomes more dramatic due to the love triangle between the characters. But despite this rivalry, the two boys couldn’t deny their emotions because all teenagers feel intense emotions. 

Thus, that happened to the couple formed by Pansy and Draco, too.

It’s an enthralling story that will continue to captivate fans well into the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did Emma Watson like Tom Felton?

Before they filmed the first two movies, Emma disclosed to Seventeen magazine in 2011 that she had a massive affection for Tom Felton. “My first crush was him.

Who has ever dated Tom Felton?

It has been reported that Tom and Jade Olivia broke up in 2016 after dating since 2008.

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