Is Tom Selleck Gay? What Is The Reality Behind His Orientation?

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Tom Selleck, an illustrious American movie star, has been in the show business for over fifty years. He is also a producer and was once a model aside from being an actor. However, some rumors indicate otherwise.

Today, we will go into these rumors to confirm if Tom Selleck is indeed homosexual or not.

Is Tom Selleck Gay?

Is Tom Selleck Gay

Tom Selleck is heterosexual. He likes women a lot, and even married twice! The first wife was named Jacqueline Ray, who was a model, and he stayed with her from 1971 to 1982. He even legally adopted her son, Kevin Shephard. 

Furthermore, in 1987, he got romantically involved with Mimi Rogers, who had been previously married to Tom Cruise. They later wedded each other, and Selleck was also married to an Englishwoman, Jillie Macka, a British actress. They have lived happily ever after for over three decades now!

Amidst rumors being spread about him, Selleck has no fear. Once, during an interview with TV Guide, he said that he had no idea where these rumors started or why they were being spread around. 

Nonetheless, some people may want him to be gay, but that’s fine by him. He casually remarks that you aren’t famous until someone starts making up things about you.

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Assumption around Selleck’s Sexual Orientation

In and Out, the movie that came out in 1997 featured Tom Selleck. The film saw him play the character Peter, a journalist and homosexual. 

The story is about Howard, a teacher from a small town who gets publicly revealed to be gay by Cameron, his one-time student now turned Hollywood star, thus making Howard get so much media attention as he revives his plans of marrying another female teacher, Emily.

 This made him question whether he was straight or not, and it was during his encounter with Peter that he realized he was gay.

One of the special scenes shows Tom Selleck and Kevin Kline (Howard) kissing for twelve seconds, which became one of the highlights of this picture. 

He defended himself against critics who wanted to know if playing the role of a gay man had been inappropriate for him concerning an earlier feud with The Globe newspaper. 

He defined this choice as acting, which involves risks, and I am proud of how I portrayed Peter. He clarified that Peter did not have to be gay in any scene. 

However, what mattered more was that he was sometimes hard, even unethical, when dealing with issues as one would expect from an investigative journalist.

When asked if he would come out like celebrities such as George Takei did, since many actors did at that time, Selleck replied negatively. He thought everyone should make their mind up on this matter.

On top of everything else, Selleck discussed the debate over the Globe, which deeply hurt him because it implied his life was filled.

Tom Selleck Relationship Timeline

Tom Selleck Relationship Timeline

Not much is known about Tom Selleck’s prior relationships and girlfriends. Nowadays, it is usually easy to find out who he is dating while still being asked to keep track of all his breakups, hook-ups, and flings. 

Even in 2024, celebrities are still surprising us with how they maintain their privacy.

Tom Selleck was not previously engaged. Marie Helvin (1983), Mimi Rogers (1982 – 1983), and Lillian Müller were some of Tom Selleck’s ex-girlfriends. Kitten Natividad was Tom Selleck’s other girlfriend. Jacqueline Ray (1971 – 1982) was his wife before marrying Jillie Mack in 1997. He also has two kids. 

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