Lukas Gage Fires Back at Critics Over Gay Role Controversy – You Won’t Believe His Response!

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Actor Lukas Gage is questioning the notion that actors must reveal their sexual orientation to portray queer characters authentically.

Recently, a Twitter user blamed Gage for playing gay roles in multiple projects, stating, “If Hollywood could refrain from casting non-LGBTQIA+ actors like @lukasgage in LGBTQIA+ roles, that would be appreciated. He’s portrayed 4 so far. One was sufficient.”

Criticism of straight actors taking on gay or bisexual roles has surged on platforms like Twitter and Tumblr in recent years, partly stemming from the backlash against cisgender actors portraying transgender characters. However, these situations aren’t directly analogous.

While Hollywood certainly needs to ensure greater inclusion of LGBTQIA+ actors, writers, directors, and other creatives, the notion that actors must identify as queer to portray queer characters raises significant complexities, despite its good intentions.

Gage highlighted this complexity in his response: “You don’t know my alphabet.”

When pressed by the Twitter user to define his sexuality, likely to justify his casting, Gage simply replied, “No.”

The idea that individuals must publicly disclose their sexual orientation to engage meaningfully with the LGBTQ+ community while pursuing their careers has previously led to issues.

For example, Becky Albertalli, author of the acclaimed queer novel “Love, Simon,” felt pressured to come out as bisexual after facing criticism for writing about queer characters as a “straight author.”

In Gage’s case, his refusal to surrender to pressure to label himself either as queer or straight solely due to casting decisions has sparked online talks about the innate problems with such demands.

This includes recognizing that individuals may continue to explore and understand their identities well into their 30s, 40s, and beyond.

Lukas Gage Fires Back at Critics Over Gay Role Controversy - You Won't Believe His Response

The conversation about bias against openly queer actors in Hollywood is crucial, but acknowledging this issue also underscores why not every actor may feel comfortable publicly disclosing their sexual orientation solely to validate their portrayal of queer characters.

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