Billy Dee Williams Spills Secrets of 70s Underground Gay Scene at Met Opera House!

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Billy Dee Williams, the actor known for his role in Star Wars, has been opening up lately about his love and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Although he doesn’t identify as queer himself, he has never been bothered by being mistaken as part of the community.

In a recent interview with Page Six, Williams shared that he was once called a “Closet Queen,” but he didn’t pay much attention to it. 

He enjoyed attending secret gay parties in the Metropolitan Opera basement in the 1970s, finding them normal due to his upbringing.

While promoting his new bio, “What Have We Here,” Williams 

described a talk with his daughter about Carl Jung’s theory that men have an unconscious feminine side and women have an unconscious masculine side. 

I was talking about men being more open to their feminine side when my daughter told me about the term gender fluid.

However, in 2019, Williams clarified that he does not identify as gender fluid after some publications interpreted his statements about using multiple pronouns as a coming out. He explained that he was discussing men embracing their softer side. 

“Carl G. Jung, a psychiatrist contemporary of Sigmund Freud, coined the phrase ‘anima animus.’ 

Anima means the female counterpart of the male self, and hate is the male counterpart of the female self.”

“So that’s what I was referring to,” he said. “I was discussing men connecting with their softer, more sensitive side. I wasn’t talking about sex or being gay or straight.” 

He stressed that he identifies as “a very attractive man” and encouraged people to read Jung’s work.

Williams also talks about politely turning down a romantic proposition from the legendary actor Marlon Brando in his memoir. 

“I had no issues with that kind of thing,” Williams recently told People magazine. “Whatever you are, that’s who you are. I’m more curious about meeting engaging individuals.”

Williams said he is used to admirers, regardless of their sexual orientation. James Baldwin, my dearest friend, was also gay. I’ve been around gay people a lot, and someone is always hitting on me.

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