Is Bruno Mars Gay? Clearing Up Rumors (Relationship Timeline)

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Is Bruno Mars gay? Bruno Mars is a huge name in music. He has won over fans worldwide with his amazing voice and smash-hit songs. He’s racked up many awards, proving he’s a force to be reckoned with in the music scene. 

While we all groove to his tunes, there’s been some chatter about his personal life, especially his sexuality. Let’s take a closer look and clear up any rumors about Bruno Mars’ sexual orientation.

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Is Bruno Mars Gay? (Not a Gay Person)

Many signs suggest that Bruno Mars is not a gay person. He explicitly denied the allegation, and the fact that he has had an ongoing romantic relationship with Jessica Caban can attest that rumors about his sexuality were null and void.

Bruno Mars’ views on this matter are always the same, making him so genuine as a straight man. His partner’s approval and constant realness would strengthen any arguments against his sexuality.

How did Bruno Mars’s Gay Rumors Begin?

In 2014, there was a rumor that Bruno Mars may be gay. All right? It started at a funny website called NewsBuzzDaily, which delights in creating made-up tales. 

Therefore, they posted this absurd story with the headline “Bruno Mars Says He’s Gay On Magazine Cover.” Their fabrication even included a fake quote from Bruno. 

But it was all fiction! It was all for fun; it wasn’t aiming to be truthful. So if you heard that gossip, don’t believe it. It is real; it is one of those internet jokes that took off and went viral.

Has Bruno Mars Ever Confirmed or Denied Rumors About His Sexuality?

Has Bruno Mars Ever Confirmed or Denied Rumors About His Sexuality

Bruno Mars indeed addressed beliefs and rumors about his sexual orientation. 

In an interview, he reacted to what was a hoax article claiming that he is gay by saying, “It was so sensationalized. That’s not a scoop. That’s not a story. That’s just some bullsh*t. Come on. I’m not gay.” 

He also explained how he can understand how hard it must be for people with these issues. 

He stressed the importance of allowing them to live freely and openly without worrying about their true identity and who they truly are inside themselves.

Bruno Mars Relationship Timeline

Bruno Mars Relationship Timeline

Chanel Malvar

Bruno Mars was in a relationship with his backup dancer, Chanel Malvar, from 2009 to 2011. Their relationship was fairly public, but it ended without any controversial headlines.

Rita Ora

Mars was reported to have dated Rita Ora. In an interview, Ora once described Mars as her first love, highlighting the meaningful nature of their relationship.

Rocsi Diaz

In 2011, Mars was linked to television personality Rocsi Diaz. Although they were seen together at public events, their relationship was never officially confirmed.

Amelle Berrabah

Mars was rumored to have dated British singer Amelle Berrabah in 2011. Their relationship was kept low-key, and neither party confirmed the dating speculation.

Jessica Caban

In 2011, Bruno Mars began a relationship with model Jessica Caban. Their relationship has been lasting and enduring, with Caban being Mars’ current girlfriend.

They have kept their personal life private, occasionally sharing glimpses of their romance through social media posts. 

Jessica Caban is a model and actress known for winning the first-ever Model Latina competition 2008.

Bruno Mars Influence On LGBTQ Community

Some people are too caught up in rumors, but let’s not forget how talented Bruno is. He effortlessly mixes different music styles to make songs that everyone loves.

From the fun beats of “Uptown Funk” to the vibrant tunes like “When I Was Your Man,” Bruno’s music links with millions. 

He’s also great at working with other artists like Adele and Cardi B, showing his songwriting skills and ability to fit into different styles.

Bruno also supports the LGBTQ+ community, including openly gay artists in his work. And he’s helped break down racial barriers in the music industry, which is pretty cool.

 Bruno’s journey from Hawaii to global superstardom inspires musicians worldwide. Let’s focus on his amazing talent and disregard rumors. 

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