Disney Makes History with First Openly Gay Character (Voiced by Lena Waithe!)

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Lena Waithe will be the voice of the first open-gay character in an animated Disney film.

Onward is a fantasy adventure animated movie starring Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, and the American writer and actress.

Waithe was married to another woman until recently, and she played a police officer who was also an LGBT voice called Officer Specter, identified as being a Cyclops.

For the first time, an openly gay character appears in a Disney or Pixar film. The world of Onward is one where magical creatures abound.

Holland voices an elf, while Pratt plays another elf whose intention is to revive their father for just one day. Waithe appears briefly as Officer Specter, a Cyclops cop who pulls over the main characters.

Disney has included characters that some viewers interpreted as gay in the past. Still, they haven’t explicitly confirmed their sexual orientation.

However, they could be any two parents, stated Andrew Stanton when he came under media scrutiny if those were lesbians or not in Finding Dory (2016).

Fans of Toy Story 4 had no doubt that two women handed off their daughter at school to another couple that happened to be same-sex partners last year. Pixar has given no word about whether these are lesbians or not.

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