Is James Lock Gay? He’s Totally Cool with His Gay Friends

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Is James Lock Gay? James Lock is most likely known to you from British reality television shows such as The Only Way Is Essex and Celebs Go Dating. He has been on TV since 2013 and has popped up on a few other reality programs as well, so there is some continuity here. 

There is a clamor for details about his personal life, notably whether or not he is gay.

In order to find out more, we need to delve deeper into James Lock’s romance and identity.

Is James Lock Gay? (Had Many Romantic Relationships)

James Lock has made no public words indicating that he is a gay. In actuality, he has had a romantic relationship with Yasmin Oukhellou, and they have been seen together in many places. 

Therefore, there is the belief that they might reunite as lovers. However, it must be remembered that an individual’s attraction to others is personal and should be respected.

What Are the Reasons Behind James Lock’s Gay Rumors?

The rumors swirling around James Lock’s sexual orientation seem to have started because of his close bond with Bobby Cole Norris, a fellow cast member on The Only Way Is Essex

News in the Daily Star from 2015 mentioned that Bobby Cole Norris kissed James Lock on the show, sparking gossip about their relationship. 

In 2014 on Queerty, James Lock talked about how he’s totally cool with his gay friends and even joked around about sex with Bobby. These moments and comments probably fueled the rumors about James Lock’s sexuality.

James Lock’s Relationship History (2014-2019)

James Lock's Relationship history (2014-2019)

Here is a James Lock relationship history:

Ellie Mackenzie

People talked when James Lock and Ellie Mackenzie, a friend from TOWIE, were spotted kissing. But James said later it was just a short, casual thing, nothing serious.

Yazmin Oukhellou

James Lock had a big relationship with his TOWIE co-star, Yazmin Oukhellou. They started dating in 2017 and stayed together for two years before breaking up in July 2019. Their relationship had lots of drama, which we all saw on TOWIE.

Danielle Armstrong

James Lock and Danielle Armstrong’s love story wasn’t smooth sailing. They started dating in 2014, but things got rocky when James was accused of cheating. 

They patched things up, but in 2015, just as James was going to propose, Danielle ended things. 

They tried again but eventually broke up for good. Danielle then dated a footballer named Danny Spiller, but that didn’t last either. Now, she’s expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Tom, who is also her best friend.

According to the sources, in 2024, James Lock was single. We will update you when we have more info on his relationship status.

James Lock Deserves Privacy About His Sexuality

We should respect James Lock’s privacy regarding his sexual orientation and relationship status. 

Unless he chooses to openly discuss these personal matters himself, we should avoid making assumptions or guessing about his private life. 

As a public figure, he deserves to control what personal details he shares or keeps private. 

In our celebrity-obsessed culture, it’s important to remember that all people, even celebrities, have a right to privacy about their personal lives.


Is it true that James Lock has appeared in Gay Times magazine?

Yes, he was featured in Gay Times magazine, where he talked about his career and fame.

Could you give me a brief idea of James Lock’s relationship history?

James Lock previously had an affair with his former colleague Yazmin Oukhellou. They began dating in 2017 and had been together for two years before the relationship ended in July 2019.

What is James Lock’s current relationship status?

Presently, there are strong rumors that James Lock is single. He has not made any public utterances or posts regarding being in a commitment. He has no real reports of dating him.

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