Is Caleb Williams Gay? He Does Not Behave Like Other Boys

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Caleb Williams is a super-talented football player who played quarterback in college for Oklahoma and USC. In 2022, he had a star season at USC, winning the Heisman Trophy and several other impressive awards due to his impressive performance. 

Williams broke records at USC for total yards gained and rushing touchdowns scored. But here’s the question people are asking—is Caleb Williams gay?

Let’s find a little deeper into what we know about Caleb’s relationships.

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Is Caleb Williams Gay? (His Actions Have Led People to Ask Him)

It is not true that Caleb Williams is gay. However, according to sources, he has a romantic partner, Valery Orellana, thus invalidating the rumors of him being gay. 

The Sooners star simply wants to keep his love life to himself. But it seems like his decision to keep things private didn’t work out so well. He ended up facing lots of untrue rumors about his life.

Speculations About Caleb Williams’s Sexual Orientation

His actions have led people to ask him why he does not behave like other boys, who are often perceived as masculine by societal norms.

It does not matter, though, since just because he has different behavior doesn’t mean that Caleb Williams is gay, for example. 

Lastly, it’s essential to realize that there are things about others that ought to remain secret, and we should avoid spreading false stories about them. 

What Is the General Public’s Reaction to The Rumors About Caleb Williams’ Sexuality?

There is a variation in the general public’s responsiveness to the rumors of Caleb Williams’ sexual orientation. 

A few people have indulged in baseless guesses about his sexual choices, mainly due to his secretive way of handling his personal life. 

In response, Williams has spoken out about these false rumors and confirmed that he is not gay (according to the different sources). He has said he would like to concentrate on his career and his girlfriend, Valery Orellana, without giving any doubt about his sexuality. 

Generally, there has been curiosity and untrue beliefs, as well as encouragement for Williams, who tries to keep this part of his life secret from others.

Is Caleb Williams Dating Someone In 2024?

Is Caleb Williams Dating Someone In 2024

Caleb Williams is in a relationship with Valery Orellana, a native of Rockville, Maryland. Valery’s family roots are Latino, and she is the youngest among Anibal Orellana—Nancy Janeth Quinteros-Orellana’s four children. 

Besides playing field hockey while still in school, she is an active participant in social media and sports events, as well as in journalism. 

Additionally, Valery co-founded “Evenin’ Out The Playing Field,” a movement aimed at enhancing fair play through sports diversity.

How Caleb Williams Represents the LGBTQ+ Community?

Williams is not a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Even being an advocate or representative for any community must always begin from a place of respect and grasp. 

Any change regarding this would most probably be made via Caleb Williams or official news sources themselves.

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Why do they say Caleb Williams might be gay?

These rumors started because he had never revealed his partner to the public. Nonetheless, it’s known that he is dating Vallery Orellana. Most significantly, this alluded to a person’s right to privacy and discouraged people from spreading unsubstantiated claims.

What role does Caleb Williams play in the LGBTQ+ community?

Caleb Williams has not revealed publicly that he represents the LGBTQ+ community. Representation and advocacy for any community should come from a place of understanding and respect.

Who is Caleb Williams going out with?

Caleb Williams is dating a young lady called Vallery Orellana.

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