Is Connor Mccaffery Gay? Many Awards and Gay Rumours

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Is Connor McCaffery Gay? Connor McCaffery used to play basketball and baseball for the Iowa Hawkeyes in college. He played 166 games at the University of Iowa, almost breaking the program’s record. 

Additionally, he holds the second-best assist-to-turnover ratio in NCAA history. Some people are curious about whether Connor McCaffery is gay. Let’s look into that and get all the details about his sexual orientation.

Is Connor McCaffery Gay?

Connor McCaffery is not gay. He’s been dating Caitlin Clark, a celebrated college basketball player, for about 12 months. 

This has been openly declared on various social media platforms meaning that Connor McCaffery is not gay. It should be borne in mind that the sexuality of an individual must be treated privately and with due respect.

Connor McCaffery and Caitlin Clark Relationship Timeline

Connor McCaffery and Caitlin Clark Relationship Timeline

Connor McCaffery and Caitlin Clark have been dating for about a year, and people began noticing it.  

In August 2023, they finally made their relationship known to everyone through Instagram. 

They were also spotted in public, like in April 2023, during the Nuggets-Timberwolves game at Minnesota. 

There have been cute romantic online moments too. For example, Caitlin posting snaps in the company of Connor on a boat sometime in August 2023 was a big thing for them. 

On her birthday in January 2024, Conner supported and adored Caitlin’s basketball career via social media.

Many sources have talked about their relationship, highlighting how they bond over basketball and their sports careers.

Are There Connor McCaffery’s Views on LGBTQ+?

No information is available concerning what Connor McCaffery thinks about LGBTQ+ issues. The essential point is that personal beliefs and opinions can be confidential, and it’s always advisable to honor somebody’s right to privacy. 

Nevertheless, the most reliable source of details about his views would be any public words or behaviors by Connor McCaffery regarding LGBTQ+ matters. However, there have been no such details so far.

What Awards Did Connor McCaffery Get?

Here are Connor McCaffery’s awards and honors:

CategoryAwards and Honors
Academic AwardsFive-time Academic All-Big Ten honoree, three-time NABC Honors Court, two-time Academic All-District First Team, two-time Big Ten Distinguished Scholar, Team’s Academic Excellence Award for five seasons
Athletic AwardsAll-Big Ten Honorable Mention by the media and coaches in the 2022-23 season, Team’s Top Playmaker Award, Chris Street Award
RecordsSecond-best assist-to-turnover ratio in NCAA history, Second most games played in the program’s history (166 games)
LeadershipLed the team in assists (117) and ranked second in steals (42) in the 2022-23 season

These awards and honors reflect McCaffery’s dedication and commitment to both his sport and his studies.


Is Connor McCaffery a homosexual?

No, he is not. He is going steady with Caitlin Clark, the NCAA record holder of many women’s basketball records.

How should we handle discussions concerning the homosexuality of Connor McCaffery?

This matter is confidential to individuals, and any sexual identity orientation belonging to them must be supported by society. Gossiping about someone’s sexuality without their consent can be harmful and rude. Let us continue respecting the privacy of Connor McCaffery and talk more about his accomplishments in basketball and coaching.

What does Connor McCaffery think about LGBTQ+ matters?

There are no public records from Connor McCaffery’s standpoint on LGBTQ+ issues.

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