Is Colin Jackson Gay? He Said He’s Gay In An Interview

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We all know that Colin Jackson is a good athlete. He set a world record for running 110 meters in 12.91 seconds. Despite his young age, he began his career path and worked hard to become the professional athlete he is today.

However, let’s shift gears and find out if Colin Jackson is gay or not. If you are curious about his private life and are his follower, then there’s no better place to be than here. 

Below, let’s find out more on “Is Colin Jackson Gay?”

Is Colin Jackson Gay?

Is Colin Jackson Gay

Colin Jackson, the well-known British sprinter, shared that he’s gay during an interview in 2017. He opened up while chatting with two Swedish LGBT athletes, Kajsa Bergquist and Häggström, on their show “Rainbow Heroes.” 

Jackson explained he chose this interview because it focused on honesty and didn’t aim for sensationalism. He liked how the interviewers told his story and asked about how being gay affected his sports and feelings.

Interestingly, Jackson told his parents he was gay in 2006 after a story came out in News of the World. 

When his parents asked him about it, he admitted it was true. They accepted him with kindness and understanding.

Many people praised Jackson for coming out, saying it might help others do the same one day.

It’s been five years since Jackson came out, but he hasn’t shared who he’s dating. Maybe he hasn’t found someone serious enough to talk about, or he wants to keep his partner out of the public eye. 

But there’s a chance he might raise his partner to the world someday.

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Colin Jackson Faced Many Rumors In The Past

Rumors have swirled around Colin Jackson’s love life and his romantic choices. 

There were wide beliefs that he was gay in the early 2000s, especially after he shared a London flat with swimmer Mark Foster in 2002. They lived together for two years, but they were just friends.

In 2006, News of the World printed a story about a male homosexual flight attendant having an affair with Jackson. 

This created a lot of talk and made many people wonder if Jackson was gay or not. Nevertheless, he always denied it.

Colin Jackson clearly stated in his book in 2004 that he is not homosexual. When interviewed by The Voice, an influential newspaper published by the Black community, in 2008, Jackson discussed people assuming that he is gay. 

According to him, there are times when it does not matter whether others think he is gay; however, he maintains his view of being straight.

He also added that there was no need for him to disclose his sexual orientation to everyone.

Is Colin Jackson Dating Someone Else?

Is Colin Jackson Gay

Loads of fans are curious if he’s seeing anyone. Reportedly, he’s flying solo for now. Regarding his past relationships, there isn’t much information available.

Some fans ponder why he’s never been in a relationship. Simply put, he’s a private person. Sources suggest he might’ve had a fling before, but it’s not confirmed. Plus, he doesn’t have any kids, according to the sources.

“Additionally, some people on the internet thought Jackson was romantically involved with an American ice dancer named Klabera Komini. But that’s not true; they’re only partners in their work. As mentioned, they came in third place as a professional team in Dance on Ice.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Colin Jackson gay?

 Yes, Colin Jackson is gay. He came out publicly in a 2017 interview on the Swedish show “Rainbow Heroes.”

What is the age of Colin Jackson?

Colin Jackson is 55 years old (as of February 24, 2024).

What height does Colin Jackson have?

Colin Jackson’s height is reported to be 5 feet and 11.5 inches.

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