Is Brad Mondo Gay? He Knew He Was Gay When He Was 6 Years Old

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Brad Mondo is an American hairstylist, social media personality, and business owner.

He learned hairstyling from his dad when he was young. At just 12 years old, he started making videos on YouTube while also working at Calvin Klein.

Mondo became famous for his fun “Hairdresser Reacts” videos and helpful tutorials on hairstyling. He’s styled hair for famous people like Shay Mitchell, Heather Marks, Vanessa Hudgens, and Charli D’Amelio.

In 2019, Mondo started selling his hair care products called XMondo Hair, and later that year, he launched XMondo Color. His work was recognized when he won the Hair Influencer of the Year award at the 2020 American Influencer Awards.

But many people are curious about his personal life and who he likes. Let’s find out, “Is Brad Mondo gay?” 

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What Does Brad Mondo Say About His Sexuality?

Is Brad Mondo Gay

Boston, Massachusetts, was the birthplace of Brad Mondo on October 28, 1994. His mother had a beauty salon in the basement of their home, and his dad worked as a hairstylist there. 

Brad has two brothers who are named Eric and John. He started his channel at twelve, although it wasn’t until 2015 that he became serious about it.

He also worked for Calvin Klein as a salesperson when he was sixteen. On March 22, 2018, he made a video titled “MY COMING OUT STORY” and spoke about his sexuality through this media outlet. 

The video revealed everything from learning he was gay at a young age, telling friends and family, and dealing with bullying and homophobia.

In relishing his fans and the LGBTQ+ community, Brad remarked on how much support they have given him. 

From being five or six years old, he knew he was gay; however, it did not make sense to him then. 

Mostly, his parents were supportive, but his mother hesitated more than his father about safety and happiness.

His brothers acted normal around him as if nothing had occurred. Brad reports increased faith in himself with time after knowing many other people belonging to the LGBT community since childhood.

Is Brad Mondo Dating Someone?

In a recent TikTok post, the famous hairstylist and social media sensation sparked curiosity among fans when he shared a mysterious message: “miss my girlfriend.”

This puzzling post has made fans wonder, leading to queries about Mondo’s relationship status and who his girlfriend might be.

As of the latest update in 2024, the hairstylist remains single, choosing to keep details about his love life private.

While he openly shares his career successes, fashion adventures, and hair care tips, Mondo deliberately keeps his romantic relationships private.

As fans continue to follow Brad Mondo’s journey in hairstyling and personal development, his loyalty to being genuine remains crucial, forming a special bond with his audience beyond being famous.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Brad Mondo a homosexual?

Yes, Brad Mondo is openly a gay person.

What is Brad Mondo’s net worth?

Approximately, Brad Mondo’s worth can be estimated at around 4.5 million dollars.

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