Is Gabriel Attal Gay? Openly Gay Prime Minister of France

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Many folks are eager to know, “Is Gabriel Attal gay or not?”

He became the French Prime Minister on 9th January 2024. He is the youngest and the first openly homosexual Prime Minister in France’s past.

Let’s go and find more in this news.

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Is Gabriel Attal Gay?

Is Gabriel Attal Gay

Gabriel Attal is the openly gay Prime Minister of France. He’s been open about his sexuality, fearlessly speaking out as the first openly gay PM. 

Attal shared that he faced bullying in school, with one classmate even mocking him on Twitter.

Despite facing hate, Attal followed a career in politics. In 2018, he was in a relationship with Stéphane Sejourne, who used to work as an advisor to President Macron. However, they just ended their relationship in 2024. 

There were also rumors about Attal dating the singer Joyce Jonathan, but she ascribed they were just a short-lived crush.

Attal’s journey shows that being true to oneself is crucial, yet of sexual orientation. He’s become a role model for many by showing that anyone can succeed in politics, no matter who they love.

Dating History of Gabriel Attal

We have no idea about the person Gabriel Attal is seeing presently. No public reports have verified if he has parted ways with anyone or joined a new affair. 

The youngest and first openly homosexual Prime Minister in France does not delve much into his personal life. He likes privacy in his relationship and rarely discusses it publicly.

How Gabriel Attal and Stéphane Séjourné Balance Their Careers?


Gabriel Attal and Stéphane Séjourné stand out in French politics for their amazing careers and special bond. 

Both have busy plans, often juggling different work duties requiring lots of travel. 

Despite being far apart, they stay united using technology to keep in touch.

Their time together in Paris offers a nice break from their busy lives. They enjoy these moments, like having dinners with friends, watching movies, and visiting cool places.

Gabriel Attal’s relationship with Séjourné is more than just a normal partnership. He sees it as a loyal support system, quiet during tough times. 

Gabriel values mutual respect, recognizing their few clashes while deeply admiring each other’s views and choices.

Gabriel Attal describes their bond as filled with genuine love, respect, and understanding, calling Séjourné his “best friend” and “soulmate.”

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