Is Greg Davies Gay? Has Been in Relationships with Several Women

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Greg Davies, the versatile Welsh entertainer known for his comedy, acting, hosting, and writing work, has sparked curiosity among his dedicated fans about his romantic preferences.

There’s talk going around about Davies’ sexual orientation, with many wondering if the 55-year-old comedian might be gay because he’s not married.

But are these rumors true, or are they just idle gossip? The information here will help clear up this interesting topic, so keep reading.

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Is Greg Davies Gay Or Straight?

Is Greg Davies Gay

Greg is heterosexual because he has been in relationships with several women, but he has never married. 

He’s probably straight, according to the sources. They were together for years, including when Liz Kendall ran for Labour leadership.

They first became a couple in 2007 and used to appear in public quite frequently.

In May 2015, just before the general election, they parted ways. According to Mirror (2015), Liz needed some space, causing them to break up.

I still love him like my best friend though; he’s very good to me–Liz remarked on their break-up talking to The Mirror:

“I am not going to be the sort of politician who does all that stuff about their private life because it’s very precious to me and essential to me that I have that space that’s personal and just to me.”

In 2020, he told The Times that his ex-girlfriend suggested he switch from teaching to comedy:

“I’ve been doing comedy for about 15 years now. I always wanted to do it, I just never had thick enough skin. A girlfriend I had while teaching was a pragmatist and always told me that if you want to do something then go for it. So eventually I made the switch. Comedy is definitely where I’m happiest.”

Greg’s Journey Through Loss

Is Greg Davies Gay

Greg faced several serious setbacks, including losing his on-screen father, Rik Mayall. Unfortunately, the sadness didn’t let up, as Greg also had to endure the passing of his real-life father just a few months later, adding to his heartache. He replied:

“My dad died a couple of months after Rik. It was a difficult year. It’s a unique set of circumstances. It was incredibly sad. I was very close to my dad.”

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It’s been over two years since Greg parted ways with his partner, or as some claimed, his wife-to-be. Surprisingly, he hasn’t been spotted romantically with anyone else since then. This has effectively put to rest any lingering rumors about his sexuality. 

With time, there’s still a buzz about when Greg might tie the knot. After all, age catches up with everyone, but Greg seems to defy it with his charm, carrying on with his work in both “Man Down” and “Cuckoo.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How old is Greg Davies now?

Greg Davis is 53 years old.

What height does Greg Davies have?

Greg Davis has a height of 6ft 8in (2.03m).

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