Is Greg Gutfeld Gay? His Views On Same-Sex Marriage

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Famous as Gutfeld might be, he never lets anyone in on the details of his life. A famous person’s data is increasingly hidden as they try to hide it. 

You may be asking yourself today whether or not Greg Gutfeld is gay, but I have to tell you that Greg Gutfeld is straight and married to a beautiful woman. 

However, they do not plan on having any children together. All questions about his sexuality will be answered here.

A TV show host, who is also a comic and a writer, is making headlines now because of his sexual preference and open support for LGBTQ+ rights.

Is Greg truly homosexual, or is it just an allegation? Get the real story here!

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Is Greg Gutfeld a homosexual?

No, Greg Gutfeld is not gay. However, as reported in the media, Greg Gutfeld once publicly stated that he was planning to establish an Islamic gay bar near the Park51 Islamic community center in New York.

He talked about same-sex marriage during one of his appearances on The Five panel, where he said that the verdict of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) will assist LGBT people to have better lives because it would discourage “promiscuity and other destructive lifestyles.”

Even though the television presenter is widely known as a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, he is still identified as straight. This makes it clear that Greg isn’t a homosexual since there have been no reports linking him with any previous relationships with males.

Is Greg Gutfeld Married Or Not?

Yes, guys. Gutfeld’s married. These two got hitched in 2004. Elena Moussa is a former Russian model who works as a fashion stylist and photo editor for Maxim Russia. He met the photographer and the editor when he lived for three years in London.

Is Greg Gutfeld Married Or Not?

Five months of dating led to their wedding at City Hall in New York City. She attended Parsons School of Design and the New York Fashion Institute of Technology when she was 40.

According to one source, Moussa founded her design company, The Moussa Project, in 2011. She has several social media accounts, with only a few detailing her home and fashion designs that she makes.

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Wrapping Up 

Is Greg Gutfeld homosexual? This is one among the many questions put to him by his fans. You know he isn’t.

He would not have married a woman and remained faithful to her only if Greg Gutfeld were gay. We must, therefore, trust that he is a heterosexual man through and through, given that he loves his wife completely.

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