Is Carrot Top Gay? Scott Said He Was Seeing Someone!

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For Comedy lovers, Carrot Top is not new. The name Carrot Top comes from his red hair. This artist is famous for their unique look and uses various props that make the performances more interesting.

This renowned stand-up comedian had many controversies and secrets about his personal life, including gossip about his sexual orientation. One of the biggest reasons for these rumors is Scott’s tendency to keep his private life secret. 

There is little information about him on any social media platform he has an account in. He also doesn’t talk much about himself in interviews, only professional issues.

After this interview, people began guessing who he (Scott) might be dating: Scott said he was seeing someone without elaborating further who this person was before members of the audience were left wanting more information from him/her; thus, they became more curious than ever. 

Moreover, some rumors claim that Scott is gay. If you want to know more about him and his sexual orientation, keep reading this article.

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Carrot Top’s Relationship


Despite few people knowing this, Carrot Top is, in fact, going out with Amanda Hogan. It was in March of 2015 that they started dating and have been together since then. 

Hogan was 38 years old then, while eighteen years were between them. There is little information about her except that she operates a catering business.

As for now, it is unclear whether the two are still together or not. However, given the way Carrot Top avoids sharing his personal life with the public to a large extent, despite no “confirmations” from either side, they may be very much together today.

Is Carrot Top Gay?

For those wondering if Scott is gay, he is not. The Carrot Top is straight. People tend to think Carrot is gay because of Scott Thompson, who happens to be a Canadian comedian. They share the same name, and it confuses fans sometimes. 

Scott Thompson from Canada admits to being gay openly, and many people misunderstood him with Carrot Top, thinking that he was also gay.

According to reports, he has been dating Amanda Hogan since March 2015. Carrot Top’s girlfriend is a Vegas caterer. She used to post their photos on Instagram but recently switched her private account to a business profile. 

Carrot Top does not reveal much about his personal life through social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook.

Carrot Top has an age difference of eighteen years with Amanda, who is now 38. The news about their dating was considered gossip until Scott posted a picture of them together celebrating Amanda’s birthday with the following caption: “Happy Birthday to my Gf and best friend. I love you, even when you stick confetti all over my face.” There isn’t more information about the two at present.

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Closing Up 

We still believe that Carrot Top is not gay, despite the ongoing rumors about him. His relationship with Amanda reveals everything regarding his sexuality. 

Similarly, we recommend you ignore everything on the internet and ask you to investigate deeply before jumping to conclusions.


Who is Carrot Top?

Carrot Top is a well-recognized and famous comedian who does stand-up comedy.

Is Carrot Top gay?

No, he is not.

Does Carrot have a girlfriend?

Yes, his girlfriend’s name is Amanda Hogan.

How rich is Carrot Top?

Approximately seventy million dollars (Scott Thompson’s net worth) currently belongs to the ginger-a-like comic.

What’s the original name of Carrot Top?

Scott Thompson

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