Is Harry Styles Gay? Long Dating And Rumors History

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Harry Styles, the British singer, is one of the music industry’s most special figures. Over the years, many fans have pondered his sexuality. Harry has openly debated his sexuality yet, prompting curiosity among fans. 

Despite his relationships with Kendall Jenner, Olivia Wilde, and Camille Rowe, he is currently dating Taylor Russell. 

Yet, fans persist in asking whether Harry might be gay or bisexual. Let’s find “Is Harry Styles Gay or not?”

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Is Harry Styles Gay?

Harry Styles has never openly debated his sexual orientation, even though a lot of people have been curious about it. 

Fans and critics alike have speculated, mainly because there are times when he adorns queer attire such as feather boas. This is why some conclude that he may be gay.

Over the years, Harry’s signals about his sexuality have been confusing. In a 2013 discussion with British GQ, he rejected being bisexual. 

However, in 2014, he talked about wanting to date someone no matter their sex. Then, in 2017, he said that his sexuality didn’t need to be defined.

The song “Medicine” was released by him in 2018, which fans associated with being a bisexual anthem till today. Towards the end of that year, this is what came out of his mouth; “Aren’t we all a little bit gay?”

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine in 2022, Harry told them everyone has their journey to develop their orientation on sex matters. 

Also, it should be realized that not every single picture one sees of you standing next to another person means you are having an affair publicly.

How Harry Styles Rumors Begin?

How Harry Styles Rumors Begin

Harry Styles’ sexuality has been questioned because of his gender-fluid wardrobe and unwillingness to assign himself a label. 

Styles has denied these speculations, saying he doesn’t think he needs to know his sexual orientation and hates any kind of definition about that. 

Olivia Wilde is one person who has been romantically tied to him. In contrast, others have accused him of queerbaiting, which he rejected, claiming that being captured alongside someone does not mean a public relationship is created. 

Harry likes to keep details about his personal life private and says people will always figure out their way.

What Are Some of The Popular Dating Rumors Surrounding Harry Styles?

What Are Some of The Popular Dating Rumors Surrounding Harry Styles

Styles and Taylor Swift were romantically linked, with paparazzi photos of them together in Central Park sparking attention.

Styles and Kendall Jenner were seen together multiple times, including skiing in California and vacationing in Anguilla.

Styles dated Olivia Wilde after meeting on the “Don’t Worry Darling set,” sparking interest and addressing criticism about their relationship.

Rumors emerged after Styles and Emily Ratajkowski were seen kissing in Tokyo, evoking reactions from fans and celebrities like John Legend and Julia Fox.

Styles dated Caroline Flack briefly in 2011, with their relationship alluring media attention.

Current rumors linked Styles to Taylor Russell after being spotted together in Vienna and London.

What Reddit Users Think About Harry Styles?

One user says:

“eehm… Maybe don’t? haha

But honestly, who cares? You’ll probably hear about it if he wants to come out or can easily find it somewhere.

What’s important is that Harry continuously shows support for the LGTQ community and makes double effort to make everyone feel welcome.”

Other users say:

“he’s just said that it is irrelevant for the public to know and left it at that. There are some rumors that he was out as bi in high school and openly dating a dude. That’s all though.”

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