Is Marquise Brown Gay? People Think Him As Gay Due To The Charges

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The first thing that one will notice is that Marquise Brown, also known as “Hollywood,” is a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals in the National Football League (NFL). He played College of the Canyons and Oklahoma football teams before entering the Cardinals.

Marquise was the Baltimore Ravens’ first pick during the 2019 NFL Draft. His sexuality has been questioned many times because some people think he may be gay. Fans and people curious about his life story often ask this query.

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Is Marquise Brown Gay?

Is Marquise Brown Gay

Marquise Brown hasn’t talked openly about who he likes. He’s mostly focused on playing football, showing off his skills on the field, and helping his team win. 

People mostly talk about how well he plays and what he’s done for football. It’s crucial to give people privacy about personal stuff, such as who they like, unless they like to share. 

Right now, Marquise Brown hasn’t said anything himself about who he likes. That’s why it’s better to talk about his great football playing and how he’s helped the sport.

Marquise Brown Girlfriend In 2024

Marquise Brown Girlfriend In 2024

Marquise Brown’s partner is Kennedi Johnson, a famous American model known for her active social media presence and great sense of humor. 

They first crossed paths while studying at the University of Oklahoma, where Brown stood out as a star player on the football team. 

Kennedi Johnson was highly sought after as a model at the university and was admired for her excellent taste. 

While they used to be seen together often during Brown’s time with the Baltimore Ravens, sightings of them together have become less regular since he joined the Arizona Cardinals

Their relationship has caught the alert of fans and followers, leading to belief about their long-term status as a couple. 

Despite rumors linking Brown to others, like Zoei Billions, Kennedi Johnson holds a special place in his life. 

However, Brown hasn’t publicly confirmed any details about his dating life or whether he’s committed, leaving some aspects open to interpretation.

Allegations Against Marquise Brown

Marquise Brown was accused of being gay involves him being present when an incident between his cousin, Antonio, and a female fitness trainer accused the footballer of raping her. The crime was allegedly committed while Marquise Brown was reportedly at Antonio Brown’s place.

Still, charges against him had not been filed. The NFL had examined Britney Taylor’s allegations through interviews with Marquise Brown.

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