Is Jacob Payne Gay? His Shirtless Image Made Him A Gay

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You may have heard whispers and discussions surrounding Jacob Payne, famous for his thriving career as a skilled football player. 

Payne has also earned attention for his reality television appearances and sparked curiosity about his personal life. Yet, the arising query remains – is Jacob Payne truly gay?

Let’s find out more deeper into what we know about Jacob Payne’s relationships and personal identity.

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Is Jacob Payne Gay?

No, Jacob Payne is not gay. He is happily married to his wife, and they are raising a daughter together, which indicates his orientation.

Furthermore, Jacob and his wife are strong supporters of LGBTQI+ rights. They actively engage in various events and activities related to Pride, showing their open-mindedness and loyalty to solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

How Did Rumours Begin for Jacob Payne as Gay?

How Did Rumours Begin for Jacob Payne as Gay

Jacob Payne, the husband of Natalie Nunn, who starred in “Bad Girls Club,” was seen shirtless with gay porn actor Trap Boy in Atlanta. 

The pictures were called “incriminating” by fans and blogs like MediaTakeout, but Nunn quickly came to her husband’s rescue.

“”My friend at Mediatakeout told me someone at my event liked a picture with my hubby. Don’t believe all these words!”

“Yeah, I sometimes host gay clubs. I sometimes go to Pride…, and it’s an issue now if my man wants to take pics with fans! SMH,” she further said.

Jacob Payne: Coping with Infidelity in Marriage

Reports of a threesome involving Chloe Ayling, Dan Osborne, and Natalie Nunn have been going around. “Dan cheated on his wife Jacqueline with me and Natalie, who is married to Jacob,” said Chloe to the press. 

“We were drunk and ended up having a threesome. While I watched, Dan went to the bathroom with Natalie and did stuff, then he came back and did the same with me.”

Jacob Payne was so angry when he heard about these allegations against his wife, Natalie. He stated, “I have to go to London and talk now with those involved. I can’t depend on just hearsay. Before deciding anything concerning our relationship, I want all sides of the story.”

There are also rumors that Dan had talked about meeting Natalie before these claims were made. Some sources say that Dan used messages to organize a rendezvous with her.

Jacob Payne And Natalie Nunn’s Married Life

Jacob Payne And Natalie Nunn's Married Life

They tied the knot in May 2012, with their wedding showcased in two episodes of Bridezillas on October 28 and November 4, 2012. Nunn shared the news of their first pregnancy on November 12, 2014, but sadly, she faced a miscarriage in February 2015. 

In late 2016, she announced her second pregnancy. Their joy knew no bounds when they welcomed their healthy baby girl, Journey Ruth Payne, into the world on April 26, 2017.

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Speculation About Natalie and Jacob’s Relationship Status 

Natalie and Jacob’s seven-year relationship might be over after photos surfaced of the sports star moving his things out of their lavish home in America.

Following Chloe Ayling’s detailed account of her adventurous night with her Celebrity Big Brother co-stars, including Jacqueline Jossa’s husband, Dan Osbourne, the Sun Online reported exclusively on December 6 that their seven-year relationship had ended.

However, Natalie’s Twitter account refutes this claim, maintaining that she is still Jacob Payne’s wife. Her bio on Twitter reads, “USC Alum | Reality TV Star | Wife to @MrJacobPayne | 3x Author Business inquiries: IG: realmissnatalienunn : NatalieNunn

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