Is Jake Peralta Bisexual? Many people Think Jake as Bi Due To Rejection

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Detective Jacob “Jake” Peralta, played by Andy Samberg, is often depicted as the sharpest law enforcer in the 99th precinct. 

He’s also portrayed as the most playful. According to Terry, the only mystery Jake hasn’t figured out is how to fully embrace adulthood. 

However, audiences appreciate his whimsical nature, which adds to his charm. But due to his role, people are becoming more eager to know about “Is Jake Peralta Bisexual?”

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Is Jake Peralta Bisexual?

Is Jake Peralta Bisexual

Based on fan theories and interpretations, some viewers believe that Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine could be bisexual. This is based on some interactions and scenes in the show. However, Jake’s sexuality has never been confirmed in the series itself. 

The character’s sexuality, therefore, remains a matter of personal interpretation and personal head-canon canons among fans.

According to sources, this is all the info we have till now about him. We will update you as we get more details about his sexual orientation.

What Do Different Users Have to Say About Jake Peralta’s Orientation?

A lot of users are talking on the Internet about “Jake Peralta as a bisexual character.”

“Many people use the Wednesday Incident episode as part of why they headcanon Jake as bi! Particularly because he seemed genuinely upset by rejection, even if it was played for laughs. 

There’s also how intensely Jake gets into the ‘coming out’ monologue with Rosa. There are many references to him finding other guys attractive (‘Tony got bod’ and a couple of male celebrities). 

A lot of these lines are played for laughs, but for a bisexual audience, they might resonate in ways that they’ve acted in the past.

Of course, it’s not canon or anything, but I think if the show were to go in that direction, it wouldn’t be out of nowhere. 

Besides, although it’s incredibly wonderful to have two characters who have known all their lives that they were LGBT, it would be cool to see a character realize it in their adult life!”

Other says:

“I think it’s just a fun “headcanon.” There was a moment in the show, however (the episode where Kevin, Gina, and Jake try and figure out why Holt is in a bad mood) where Jake shows interest in a waitress after she’s mean to him and shows the same interest after a male character does the same. A little joke, sure, but it adds to the “evidence”.

Is Jake Peralta In a Relationship?

Is Jake Peralta In a Relationship

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Jake and Amy have a complex relationship that can be very competitive yet deeply rooted in love. They share a tight connection and are there for each other through various difficulties. 

Several events prove the love between Amy and Jake, such as agreeing to name their child after John McClane from Die Hard, Mac, supporting his career aspirations and personal advancement. 

His actions showed that he loved her, for instance, altering his stance about kids. Moreover, he discarded a bet so as not to lose her flat. 

He even risked everything for her because that is how much he loved her till then. This isn’t always told straightforwardly, but it’s clear they care about one another.

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