Is Jamie Campbell Gay? Busting All Rumors About Him As A Gay

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Jamie Campbell Bower undoubtedly became famous for his splendid role as Vecna in the highly-rated Stranger Things. But curiosity usually comes with fame, and several of his followers express keen inquiries about his sexual orientation. The question which is asked often is if he identifies himself as a gay man or bisexual.

The respected English actor has not publicly commented on his choices, leaving many to ponder what is hidden behind fame. Moreover, finding out how these rumors originated was necessary: what triggered their start? Did he ever participate in same-sex relationships?

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Is Jamie Campbell Gay?

Is Jamie Campbell Gay

Jamie Campbell Bower, some people think, is gay. However, the rumors about his sexuality were shattered when he was spotted going on a romantic beach vacation with his talent manager, Jess Moloney.

The character of Vecna from Stranger Things, who Jamie Campbell Bower portrayed, received rave fan reviews. They called him a lovely bad guy, according to what they said. 

Several people have also mistaken him for a homosexual. He is not a gay man.

A few weeks ago, Jamie Campbell Bower was caught by the paparazzi kissing his talent manager, and it put an end to all these talks about him being gay. The two were seen on surfing boards lying in the sand while posing for pictures.

Speculation Regarding Jamie’s Sexuality

Jamie’s sexuality is a multifaceted issue that is imbued with debate. The way he carries himself has rendered debates and discussions among the LGBTQI+ community because of his well-chiseled jaw, unique hairdo, and nose piercing.

Jamie’s dress code seems to be causing curiosity in the public eye, especially within the LGBTQI+ community, who believe that his bold style has made him great.

Another reason people question their connection revolves around his close friendship with Joseph Quinn, another actor in the same series. Joseph Quinn himself also attracts similar speculation about his sexual preferences.

What Jamie Campbell Bower Says About Sexuality?

Is Jamie Campbell Gay

Jamie Campbell Bower is very cautious and unbiased when discussing people he dates. He doesn’t say about his sexual preferences but focuses on equality and being an LGBTQ+ activist.

During interviews, Bower is known for not saying much about his love life. Instead, he says the same thing you can hear if it’s between a guy and a girl, two guys or two girls – Love is Love. To him, “It doesn’t matter if someone is a boy or girl; it all depends on their personality.”

Besides this, he does not publicly talk about his dating affairs. “But I think everyone should have the same rights no matter who they love,” says the actor.

Bower tells us that it is wrong to ask anyone who they are dating, especially if they are famous. He wants us to understand that we should give them privacy and treat others as equals no matter whom they adore.

Jamie Campbell Bower Relationship Timeline

Jamie Campbell Bower’s dating history contrasts speculations and provides a window into his romantic preferences. Although he was the center of attention at such an early age, there is no clear indication of Jamie being involved with men.

The media personality’s love affair has involved various famous people in the industry. They include Zoe Graham (2007-2009), Bonnie Wright, who starred alongside him in Harry Potter (2009-2012), Lily Collins (2012-2018), Zina Charkoplia (2013), Olivia Hann (2014), Matilda Lowther (2014-2017) and Ruby Quilter (2018-2020).

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Who is Jamie Campbell Bower dating at the moment?

Bower and his talent manager, Jessica Paes, have been together for about eighteen months since the middle of 2022. In April 2022, they unveiled their relationship officially on the red carpet.

Why do individuals believe that Jamie is homosexual?

There is no confirmation from Bower, but some fans speculate he is part of the LGBT+ community based on his rockstar personality and support for LGBT+ rights.

Is Jamie Campbell Bower homosexual or bisexual?

Bower shows no clear sign of identifying differently from heterosexuals. He has only been in relationships with girlfriends and keeps his romantic life private.

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