Is Parker Schnabel Gay? A Look At The Young Gold Miner’s Sexual Orientation

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The young gold miner on the hit Discovery Channel show Gold Rush is known as Parker Schnabel. When John decided to retire, Parker took over his grandfather’s mine at 16 years old.

Under the direction of Parker, Big Nugget Mine, a family business, has broken numerous records and amassed more than 13 million dollars in gold from its operations. 

Not only is he famous for his skills in gold mining, but he is also known for his straightforwardness expressed curtly. His determination knows no limits when it comes to searching for gold.

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Parker’s History of Dating Women

However, evidence that Parker Schnabel isn’t gay has emerged in recent years. He likes to keep his dating life private.

In season 8 of Gold Rush, Parker brought Ashley Youle, an Australian he was dating, on the show. In fact, at one point, she went with him into the field and tried her luck at gold mining.

For a while, it seemed Parker might finally settle down with Ashley. But after she left the show, it came out that they broke up during the off-season before season 9.

He said it didn’t work because he did not put her first. He blamed himself for losing Ashley and his gold mining career, which is what he truly loves.

Then, in season 10, there were whispers about Tyler Mahoney being Parker’s girlfriend, also a young miner who had joined the series in its spinoff Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. Some viewers felt something was happening between them, but nothing ever materialized.

Nevertheless, it seems that women have not been able to hold onto him much before now, although he has shown some interest in girls. It is tough to date while doing this miner job since it involves spending long periods in remote locations where you cannot use your phone or find any comfort for survival.

Or they are just women who cannot handle her needs and absence.

It could also be that he refuses to dedicate himself to romantic relationships. Remember, Parker watched his grandfather, John Schnabel, choose to mine over his marriage back in the day. John’s devotion to gold ultimately ended his marriage to Parker’s grandmother.

Possibly, Parker thinks he should follow in his grandfather’s footsteps by sacrificing relationships to focus on success in gold.

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Is Parker Schnabel Gay?

Is Parker Schnabel Gay?

It’s a fair question to ask. Look at reality TV stars who often are secretly homo- or bisexual after years of pretending to be straight in public. Take The Bachelor star Colton Underwood, for example; he came out as gay in 2021 even though he has dated women before.

Many of Parker’s fans believe his intense dedication to his job hides his potential homosexuality.

Moreover, Parker rarely engages in romantic relationships on Gold Rush, unlike characters such as Rick Ness, who seems to show his interest in women more openly by doing rural work.


Is Parker Schnabel a Homosexual?

Do you want to find out if Parker Schnabel is gay? Then, read this article. Zgr writes that Parker Schnabel is homosexual.

How old is Parker Schnabel?

American TV Personality Gold Miner was born on July 22nd, 1994, and he’s 29 years old.

Who Is Parker Schnabel’s Girlfriend?

Nowadays, there are rumors that Parkerschnable is dating Tyler Mahoney.

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