Is Jenna Ortega Gay? She Advocates For LGBTQ+ Rights

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Jenna Ortega is a young actress famous for her roles in popular TV shows like Jane the Virgin, Stuck in the Middle, and You. Besides acting, she’s also known for her activism work and unique fashion sense, earning her many awards and a big following on social media.

But despite her success, people often talk about Jenna Ortega’s sexuality, mainly since she played a lesbian character on the Disney Channel show Elena of Avalor

People wonder if she’s gay, bisexual, or something else. However, Jenna Ortega chooses not to put herself into any specific type. She deals with the rumors and questions thoughtfully.

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A Short Summary On “Is Jenna Ortega Gay?”

Fans have been buzzing about Jenna Ortega’s sexual orientation. Still, the talented actress has kept that part of her life under wraps. 

Despite assumptions stemming from her advocacy work and past roles, Ortega hasn’t come forward to put a label on her identity, whether it’s gay, straight, bisexual, or something else. 

Best known for her role in “The Wednesday,” she’s all about letting her work do the talking while keeping her personal life private.

How Has “The Fallout” Shaped Jenna Ortega’s Public Perception?

Is Jenna Ortega gay? It is rumored that Jenna’s sexuality is diverse, given the roles she took up in LGBTQ+ productions and her open support for LGBTQ+ causes. 

Jenna’s words and actions highlight being oneself regardless of what others say, further spurring this belief. 

Nevertheless, it should be noted that Jenna has not said anything about her sexual orientation.

Some of the talk started due to Jenna’s role in “The Fallout,” where she portrayed a character who had relationships with girls and boys, even going as far as sharing a kiss with Maddie Zeigler during filming. 

From that, people began asking themselves if the same might apply to Jenna, too. However, actors playing characters different from themselves are standard; hence, what they do in films or series may not tell us much about their true natures.

What Did She Say About Her Sexuality?

In interviews and on social media, Jenna Ortega has had a chance to discuss her affairs. In a 2017 magazine chat, she noted that she was in boys and girls but hated tagging. What concerns her most is being who she is.

For Pride Month, 2018, she uploaded a colorful image on Instagram. Clad in a bright dress of all rainbow colors. Additionally, she posted a video of herself singing a song about love regardless of whom it happens with.

The following year, she voiced a cartoon character who loves other girls. She was happy to stand up for LGBTQ+ persons and make them feel strong and hopeful.

Therefore, in 2020, her first single, “Alien,” hit the airwaves. The lyrics are about accepting different types of relationships one may have, which does not bother her at all. She intends to let people understand and identify themselves with her music.

Jenna Ortega Relationship History

Jenna Ortega and her co-star Jacob Sartorius were seen together on the red carpet in New York, which led people to think they might be dating. But Jenna said this wasn’t true. She explained that they’re just friends and work together.

Before that, fans thought Jenna and Asher Angel were a couple when they dressed up as Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson for Halloween 2022. But Jenna said they’re just good friends, too.

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Jenna likes Gwendoline Christie and even calls her almost like a “wife” because she admires her so much. Some people thought Jenna might like girls because of this, especially since she said she feels a strong emotion for Christie.

However, Gwendoline Christie is already in a serious relationship with Giles Deacon. So, we don’t think Jenna and Christie are dating.

Jenna Ortega, True Champion for LGBTQ+ Rights

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Jenna Ortega has been a big supporter of LGBTQ+ people. Here are some things she’s done:

  1. She backed the Pride Over Prejudice campaign. It’s all about accepting LGBTQ+ folks.
  2. Jenna is super supportive of LGBTQ+ people. She’s always speaking up for their rights.
  3. She worked as a Youth Ambassador for the Human Rights Campaign. They fight for LGBTQ+ rights.
  4. Jenna also helped create the documentary “State of Pride.” It talks about LGBTQ+ pride.

Jenna Ortega also helped produce the documentary “State of Pride.” She truly cares about LGBTQ+ rights and wants everyone to be treated equally, no matter who they love.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Jenna Ortega like women?

No, Jenna Ortega has not come out publicly as gay, bisexual, or something else. Her sexual preference is unknown.

What efforts does Ortega make on behalf of LGBTQ people?

She discusses the necessity of portraying diverse populations, including LGBT people, in movies and television shows. She also collaborates extensively with individuals who are homosexual, both behind closed doors and in films. To her, the gay community feels safe.

Does she identify as heterosexual?

No, she has never used clear terms to describe her sexuality in public. She describes herself as an ally, which means she supports LGBTQ individuals, but has not mentioned what her sexual orientation is precisely.

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