Is Tommy Townsend Gay? Secret Relationship and Gay Rumors

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Tommy Townsend kicks footballs for the Houston Texans in the NFL. He’s had quite the journey, starting in college at Tennessee and Florida and landing in the big leagues as an undrafted player with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2020. 

But amidst all the cheers and stats, there’s one question that seems to be on the minds of some fans—is Tommy Townsend gay?

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Is Tommy Townsend Gay?

There’s been a lot of chatter about whether Tommy Townsend is gay. Still, he hasn’t spoken openly about his sexual orientation online. There’s no clear info out there about which way he swings.

Moreover, we will update you as soon as we get more information about his sexual orientation.

Is Tommy Townsend In A relationship?

Tommy Townsend's Girlfriend or Wife in 2024

Tommy Townsend is in a relationship with Alexandra Burns, his girlfriend, fiancée, and business partner at with Love Candle Co. 

The couple began their secret relationship while starting and running their company through the challenges of the 2021 pandemic outburst. 

With a shared vision for success, they started a thriving business that represents how personal lives can merge with professional ones. In October 2024, Townsend and Burns will exchange vows, marking a significant point in their lives as partners. 

Their story exemplifies the power of partnership, where love intertwines with shared dreams that extend harmoniously from their personal lives into successful entrepreneurship.

Tommy Townsend’s Valentine’s Tweet

Tommy Townsend's Valentine's Tweet

A user on X named @hdearmas1 asked a footballer to be his Valentine. Tommy didn’t have second thoughts or doubts, but he agreed and even called her the love of his life.

By all appearances, they were good pals and had some friendly talk. The girl who went out with him had many photos of her being seen with her boyfriend then.

Tommy Townsend Is Famous Among The Ladies

It is not a surprise that the football star has a huge female fan base. It may be larger than you think. Look at his fangirls; they are all over social media sites.

There is a TikTok video titled “Tommy, I’ll pay for our first date (sic),” with another user remarking, “I feel you, sister.”

But wait! One Instagram user shared an image taken outside the Chiefs’ GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, giving her two reasons to be there. Number two was “Be a 2024 @chiefscheer,” and number one was “Future Mrs. @tommy_townsend.” 

Also, when Townsend posted a shirtless picture of himself on Instagram, Jordan Taamu, an American professional football quarterback, jokingly remarked, “Sheesh, bro!! My girl is on this app.”

Moreover, it does not end here. His posts’ comment section is full of fangirls who are all over him as he throws himself in different places.

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