Is Tony Hinchcliffe Gay? He Wrote On Twitter That Attractive Women Don’t Treat Him

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It’s amusing when comedians mock other people. It’s hilarious when they reveal unknown facts about the person being mocked. Tony Hinchcliffe is good at this kind of comedy in such a way that nobody feels bad.

Have you ever wondered about Tony Hinchcliffe’s personal life, such as his wife, and addressed any rumors? Then read on.

In the US, Tony is famous for working on the Comedy Central Roast series, which he has written for many years. His humor style, described as biting and edgy, has ensured his following.

He was born in Ohio on June 8, 1984, and grew up in the Northern section of Youngstown. Ursuline High School graduated him in 2002.

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PseudonymThe Golden Pony
BornYoungstown, Ohio, U.S.
MediumComedy, television, webcast
Years active2007–present
GenresComedy roasts, insult comedy, observational comedy, blue comedy, crowd-work
Subject(s)Everyday life, current events, politics, self-deprecation, race
Notable works and rolesComedy Central Roast, One Shot, Kill Tony

Is Tony Hinchcliffe Gay?

According to the sources, Tony Hinchcliffe is not gay. He’s not interested in romantic relationships and prefers people of the opposite sex. However, many people, both for and against him, differ. 

People keep urging him on social media to openly acknowledge his sexual orientation and be honest about it.

Even though it seems likely that he might be gay, he hasn’t talked much about his relationships. Because of how he looks and acts, many online groups have thought wrong about his sexuality. There are also people online who say he’s straight.

People often think Tony Hinchcliffe is gay because he’s lively and open-minded. The American comedian and podcaster has surprisingly been married many times. 

He even announced in January 2016 that he’d be doing a comedy show for Netflix. He first realized he could scare people with his words back in high school. On his first day, he got punched in the face by a bully.

Where Do Tony Hinchcliffe as Gay Rumors Start? 

Tony Hinchcliffe is well-known as a comedian with a lot of shows. Some of his jokes have made some people think he might be gay.

On May 28, 2011, Hinchcliffe wrote on Twitter that attractive women don’t treat him the same because of his funny behavior.

Despite people wondering about his sexuality, Hinchcliffe hasn’t told the media about it. Also, there are pictures of him posing in a way that some people think looks gay, which adds to the speculation.

Tony Hinchcliffe’s Married Life History

Tony Hinchcliffe married Charlotte Jane, Bob Jane’s daughter, in 2015. Charlotte is a model and entrepreneur. They got married, but not many people believed it. 

Tony later shared a photo of them wearing engagement rings in 2017, although it’s not on his Instagram anymore. He still has a picture of Charlotte on his Instagram from January 28, 2018, with the caption “People I love.” 

They are still together, but they keep a low profile. It’s not clear if they still live together. Tony’s Instagram now mostly shows his work-related posts.

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