Jerrod Carmichael Gets Real About His Feelings for Tyler, the Creator

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Have you ever opened up to a close friend and told them you have feelings for them, only for them to make a joke out of it? Yes, that has also happened to him, even with Jerrod Carmichael, the famous comedian.

The weekend saw the release of a viral clip from Jerrod Carmichael’s new HBO comedy show, “The Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show.”

This clip shows him talking about his love for Tyler, his close friend. He asks if his feelings are mutual, but Tyer does not answer directly.

“I did,” says Tyler, who begins by laughing after calling me a ‘stupid bitch’. When we don’t want something like that, we bypass it.”

Tyler keeps repeating, “That was overwhelming, but here we are.” And even now, I do not know how to act.” He asks Jerrod, “Didn’t it suck that I couldn’t talk to you?

I never thought brushing this off and continuing as if nothing had happened would be such a big deal. But what would have been the most appropriate reaction?”

Jerrod replies, “I don’t know, talk about it the next day. Call me, look at me, bring it up, then get burgers. This, I don’t know. More than…But you can feel yourself not answering, though, right?”

Tyler asks, “What response do you want me to give?” Are you demanding similar things from me? You say that to me, and I’m like, ‘No, not like that.’ That’s like my brother, man. He is family—truly family—like a real brother.”

This is even more uncomfortable because Tyler’s food comes during their conversation. Thus, he simply starts eating without saying anything and then asks Jerrod if he will complete his meal.

So I didn’t say I wanted it now…I know I don’t like any of this. “He says, pointing directly at the food.”

To redirect the conversation, Jerrod asks Tyler what he wants in life. Still, Tyler responds by asking, “In life or on this plate?” and discusses butter, burping, and farting.

These types of awkward comedy make people laugh because they remind them of real-life situations.

It is even more funny and realistic because it is an actual conversation between two friends, which makes it so relatable. Oh, Jerod, we can feel your pain!

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