Lioness Bethany England Banned from Public Displays of Affection Due to Constant Staring

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Footballer Bethany England talked about homophobia and how it affects her. She admitted that she and her partner avoid holding hands publicly because of potential negative reactions.

The English Lioness Rachel England was named the Women’s Super League Player of the Year for 2019-2020. She was a Lioness at last year’s World Cup and also participated in the successful 2022 Euros. This team also includes other openly gay players.

Social media often features the couple Rachel and Stephanie Williams, who play football for Oxford United. Not long ago, England posted a picture of both kissing on the cheek to mark Valentine’s Day.

Rachel admitted she accepted her sexuality, but she had been “ashamed” before that time came. According to her interview with BBC, they do not hold hands in public because people “look” at them.

“People stare at me all the time. I’m like, ‘Are they looking at me? At her? Or us together?’ she said. Steph doesn’t want to make people uncomfortable. It is sad that she has to care about what others think.

She declared herself gay after same-sex marriage became legal in the UK in 2014, as explained by Rachel, who is now 29 and featured on the BBC documentary: “And Me: Gay Marriage and Me.”

Before joining Tottenham Hotspur last year, Rachel played for Doncaster Rovers Belles, Liverpool, and Chelsea. In 2019, she was selected for England’s senior team.

Leah Williamson and Beth Mead were two other international teammates awarded in the New Year Honour List 2023.

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