Wayne Brady Shares Experiences After Coming Out as Pansexual

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Wayne Brady is really happy now that he can date freely after telling everyone he’s pansexual. It’s been seven months since he shared this news, and he says his love life has never been better.

“I can love whoever I want,” said the Let’s Make a Deal host to E! News Francesca Amiker on March 14 at the 2024 GLAAD Media Awards he hosted. “Knowing I have this freedom makes me feel like a grown-up now.”

Things have changed on social media, too. Brady mentioned that his Instagram messages are busy. I haven’t received any inappropriate messages, though. That’s surprising.

I respect women and am sorry when random guys send inappropriate stuff. That’s not the kind of watch I like. But I appreciate the compliments.”

Overall, he’s happy that people are paying attention to him. “I’m getting attention from all sorts of people, and that’s great because I love everyone,” he said. “So it’s nice that everyone loves me back. Right now, I’m single.”

Today, Brady, who has a daughter named Maile, 21, with his ex-wife Mandie Taketa, just wants to help others find their truth. “I wanted to make a difference,” he told E!. “I feel free now.

Even teaching others about being pansexual has helped me understand myself better. I needed to think about many things. Am I gay? Bi? What am I attracted to? It was confusing. But now I know it’s okay to be attracted to anyone, no matter how they identify.”

Brady took his time to understand his feelings. He wasn’t sure if he was bisexual because he hadn’t explored much.

When he came out in August, he explained to People that for him, being pansexual means being attracted to anyone, regardless of their gender or identity. It’s not just about looks; it’s about connecting with the person.

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