Marcia Gay Harden’s Powerful Defense of Her Queer Children Will Leave You Speechless

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Marcia Gay Harden, a famous actress, has enjoyed a long and successful career in acting. She started in showbiz when she was about 20 years old. Despite Hollywood’s busy and sometimes wild world, she made time to begin a family.

Marcia has three children, and they have brought huge joy to her life, not just through maternity but also by teaching her about supporting LGBTQ+ people. 

Speaking at the “Drag Isn’t Dangerous” telethon in May 2023, she shared, “All my kids are queer. They are my children and teach me something new daily.”

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Who are Marcia Gay Harden’s Children?

Marcia Gay Harden has three children: Eulala, Hudson, and Julitta. She told People that she learned a lot about different genders and identities from them. She said that her kids taught her that the queer society is bigger and more inclusive than she thought before. 

When she talked about her children being queer, some people sent her mean messages. They said she was teaching her kids bad things. But her kids told her she was doing a good job. 

They said, “Keep going, Mom.” Marcia wants to save her kids from feeling bad, but she knows they have to face hard things sometimes. She believes they can handle it and trusts them to know what to do.

During the telethon, Marcia spoke up against laws like drag bans that could hurt the queer community. “Spreading fear and hate is not right. Our country will have to stand against it,” she said. 

Hudson Harden Scheel (he/him)

Marcia gave birth to twins named Hudson and Julitta in the year 2004. Hudson, who is gay, keeps his social media private. 

However, we know he finished his studies at the Interlochen Center for the Arts in 2022 and is currently studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, hoping to graduate in 2025.

Based on his education and background, Hudson seems curious about pursuing a career in the arts. However, he likes to keep most of his life private from the outside world.

Julitta Dee Harden Scheel (she/her)

Julitta stands out as another incredible actor in the family. Since 2014, she’s been grabbing big options. Her journey began with a show called Trophy Wife. 

Later, she joined the cast of Code Black and Kidding.

Her mom shares that Julitta defines herself as “fluid.” This means her feelings and attractions aren’t fixed. They’re like a flowing river, not fitting neatly into one box.

Eulala Scheel (they/them)

Born in 1998, Eulalia leads a calm life, keeping her Instagram private. Even though she lives quietly, she has dabbled in acting. 

Her first role was as a baby in Pollock, where she starred alongside her mother, who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She’s also been in a couple more movies like Whip It and Workaholics.

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