Who Is Chris Cuomo Married To? Who Is His First Love?

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Chris Cuomo is an American television journalist and anchor who has worked for various networks, such as CNN, ABC News, and NewsNation. He is known for hosting shows such as “Cuomo Prime Time” and “CUOMO.” 

Cuomo belongs to a powerful political family because he is the son of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo and the brother of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

We will discuss his romantic relationships and Chris Cuomo’s personal interests.

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To Whom Is Chris Cuomo Married?

To Whom Is Chris Cuomo Married

Many want to know, “Who was Chris Cuomo’s first wife?” Christina Greeven Cuomo is the spouse of a CNN journalist. In 1998, during a party they happened to attend, the couple hit it off. 

The two began dating not long after that and were together for some time before getting married.

When did Cristina Greeven marry Cuomo? The wedding was on November 24, 2001. The party was observed at Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary Catholic Church in Southampton.

Who Is Christina Greeven Cuomo?

Who Is Christina Greeven Cuomo

Cristina’s a real go-getter in New York, dabbling in media and writing. She started up this cool mag called Hamptons Purist, which is all about living mindfully and keeping it real and modern.

Cristina has experienced both good and bad times in the public eye.

There was this thing where her name popped up in Jeffrey Epstein’s address book from 1997, and then in 2020, she caught some flak for pushing bleach baths, which doctors weren’t too keen on.

Their marriage hasn’t been all smooth sailing either, mainly with Chris getting fired from CNN due to those harassment claims due to his charges of sexual harassment on his brother. 

But despite all the gossip stirring around, they’ve kept their lips sealed, keeping their stuff under wraps. 

Cristina, though, she’s still out there, spreading those good vibes about mindfulness and self-improvement.

Even with all the drama, Cristina stays focused on her career and family, juggling the whole public eye thing alongside her hubby.

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