Is Tony Goldwyn Married? Tony Said They Met When He Was Only 21

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Tony Goldwyn is famous for doing many different things like acting, making movies, directing, and being involved in politics. You might recognize him for many biog movies. 

Because he’s so successful and has many fans, many people, mainly his married partners, are interested in his personal life. 

If you’re interested in Tony Goldwyn’s personal life, keep reading as we discuss his romantic relationships.

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Who is Tony Goldwyn’s Wife?

Jane Musky, an art director and production designer, was born on May 27, 1954, in Maplewood, New Jersey. After getting her bachelor’s degree at Boston University, she started her career in the entertainment world.

Her initial position as an art director with CBS Children’s Mystery TheatreCBS Children’s Mystery Theatre is an American television anthology series aimed at teens and pre-teens in 1981 marked the start of Jane’s career, even though her most famous work has been as a production designer. 

She received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Art Direction for a Daytime Series on CBS School Break 1985.

Jane’s inspiring freelance journey from New Jersey to Hollywood continues to impact the face of the entertainment industry.

Tony Goldwyn and Jane Musky Marriage Journey

Tony and Jane’s love story started in the 1980s. After meeting, they got married in April 1987. Jane likes to keep her life secret, but sometimes Tony shares about their happy 36-year marriage.

In 2014, Tony talked about surprising Jane on her 50th birthday. “It’s not easy to surprise my wife, but on her 50th birthday, I had around 70 friends waiting at the cafe when she arrived. She was truly surprised,” he told Good Housekeeping.

During an interview in 2019 with Hoda Kotb, Tony said they met when he was only 21. 

He stated, “Jane is the most amazing individual I know. She is very down-to-earth. When I met her at 21, I knew I better hold on tight because I’ll never see anyone like her again.”

Tony loves Jane and their long marriage. His stories show her humble way and their loving bond after so many years.

Do Tony Goldwyn and Jane Musky Have Kids?

Tony and Jane’s relationship has produced two daughters, Anna Musky-Goldwyn and Tess Frances Goldwyn.

They followed the same path as their parents, who worked in the entertainment business.

Anna is a famous screenwriter who engages in writing for the Supergirl series on television.

Like all screenwriters who do not want to get fat from sitting at their desks all day, Anna finds comfort in getting on a stationary bike when she finishes her work.

Tess works in New York City and has also worked on projects such as New Amsterdam and Ezra.

What Does Tony Goldwyn Have to Say About His Wife Jane Musky?

What Does Tony Goldwyn Have to Say About His Wife Jane Musky

In a 2019 discussion with Fatherly, the actor said Jane taught their daughters to work hard and want to achieve big things. He said, “When I was away for work, Jane worked long hours. She rushed home by six o’clock so the babysitter could leave. Then Jane would make dinner for the family.”

The actor kept saying, “Jane worked extremely hard to do this. We both wanted to show our girls a good example. We wanted them to see that their parents work very hard. Because Jane worked so hard, our daughters grew up wanting to achieve big things.”

Tony praised his wife for teaching their children good values through her actions. Even though his job sometimes made him go away, Jane’s hard work at her job and taking care of the family taught their daughters that it is crucial to work hard and want to achieve.

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