Who Is Dion Dawkins Married To? Used the Hashtag “NFL Wives”

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Dion Dawkins is a pro football player in the NFL National Football League (NFL). He plays offensive linemen for the Buffalo Bills. The Bills picked him in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft, making him the second offensive guard chosen that year.

Regarding draft rankings, Sports Illustrated said he was the second-best guard, ESPN ranked him third, and the NFL rated him the third-best interior offensive lineman. Dawkins was a college football player at Temple University.

With his amazing success and strong fan following, mainly among women, many people want to know about his romantic life. 

Today, we’ll find all the details about Dion Dawkins’s love life, giving you updates on his current relationship status to meet your interest.

Who Is Dion Dawkins’s Wife?

Who Is Dion Dawkins's Wife

This couple appears to be in a happy, loving relationship. They are open about their feelings for each other and often express their love publicly. However, it’s unclear if they are lawfully married. 

It’s difficult to say for certain unless they prove their married status. That said, in one of her social media posts, Daiyaana used the hashtag “NFL wives,” leading some to assume they may have already married. 

Only the couple can confirm whether they are husband and wife or simply committed partners. Despite their obvious happiness and public displays of affection, their relationship status remains uncertain to outsiders.

Dion Dawkins Children

Dion Dawkins and Daiyaana Muhammad are proud parents to three adorable children – two daughters and a son. Their firstborn girl, Delilah Ray Dawkins, was welcomed into the world in November 2019.

The couple’s second child is a little boy named Dale, affectionately defined as a “wham wham” kid who tends to be a bit of a crybaby. In 2022, the family was blessed with their third bundle of joy, another precious daughter. 

According to Dion, their baby girl has been the most easygoing of the lot, and they’re enjoying getting to know her unique personality. 

Despite Dion’s football career demands, the family seems to share a strong bond, navigating life’s adventures together with love and support.

What Does Dion Dawkin’s Wife Do?

What Does Dion Dawkin's Wife Do

Daiyaana is a former nurse at Atlanta’s Pediatric ER who has always supported Dion both personally and professionally. You will often notice them together at events like red carpets, holidays, music concerts, and games. 

These two have created an unbreakable bond by living side by side through the ups and downs of Dion’s football career and family life.

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