Get to Know Jamie Foxx’s Girlfriend (Alyce Huckstepp)

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Jamie Foxx is known for keeping his romantic relationships private and out of the public eye. Although they began seeing each other in 2013, it was not until 2018 that they appeared together in public for the first time at the Pre-Grammy Awards Gala. 

Since their separation in 2019, very little is known about Foxx’s love life. In 2020, the “Miami Vice” star romantically associated himself with singer Sela Vave. 

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Still, from there on, he did not show any more information about his romantic life until he met Alyce Huckstepp.

Foxx and Huckstepp were seen together in May 2022 when he cuddled to her aboard a yacht off Cannes. In Malibu with friends around August 2023, Foxx was again spotted with Huckstepp more than a year later. Soon afterward, their relationship status was confirmed.

Foxx and Huckstepp vacationed together in Mexico in Sep 2023. According to Page Six, they were marked entering a car while holding hands, after which they went to the beach. 

Additionally, Huckstepp had attended Foxx on a commercial shoot for BetMGM in Las Vegas, where it was disclosed that she was present during July. 

An individual who informed People magazine in September stated, “They appeared warm.” She is an ex-fitness model who chooses to keep little known about her personal life; hence, there are only a few other things about her that have ever been mentioned. 

The Australian was also a fitness trainer and former fitness model. The Instagram post features one of Huckstepp’s clients. 

The caption reads, “I spent six weeks working with @alycehuckstepp to find her maintenance numbers and the right nutritional strategy to suit her lifestyle.” ….

That same vanished account mentioned earlier got tagged in a Mar 2022 Instagram video by another user, Vanessa Chesson. “LIV last weekend…” while tagging along with Foxx and Huckstepp, plus several others written on the caption. 

In the video, Foxx held Mike in the club, and Huckstepp danced on the sidelines. Whether they were dating at this point is unknown; however, she did go to Foxx’s Netflix movie ‘Day Shift’ premiere, held in August 2022. 

According to US Sun, once their romance became official in September 2023, the couple had been “secretly dating for over a year.” Therefore, Huckstepp has been there for him when he had health problems up until April 2023.

She Assisted Jamie Foxx in his Rehabilitation

All of a sudden, Jamie Foxx was admitted to the hospital in April 2023. Initially, he had chosen to keep the whole matter about his health secret but at last broke the news to his fans in July 2023 through an emotional Instagram post

In that video clip, Foxx stated, “I didn’t want you to see me with tubes running out of me and trying to figure out if I was going to make it through.” 

“My sister and daughter saved my life,” he said.

Perhaps Foxx’s sibling and kid helped him get immediate medical attention. 

Still, Alyce, Huckstepp’s girlfriend, played a crucial role in getting him through that hard time and helping him recover from his injuries. “Jamie and Alyce are doing so good!” 

According to a Us Weekly source, in September 2023, after their relationship came to light. “Alyce has been very helpful during the recovery process. They are making each other happy and spend all the time they can together,” they said.

He later showed his thanks to Huckstepp in a thoughtful gesture. On his birthday—December 13th, 2023—he decided to go out for lunch with his friends, and Jamie Foxx wore a black T-shirt with “Alyce” written on it at the top and some photos of his girlfriend. 

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This common trend among TikTok boyfriends who wear shirts with collages of their girlfriends was something familiar to him. It showed that he is deeply in love with his current girlfriend.

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