Keanu Reeves & Girlfriend Alexandra Grant Enjoy Glamorous Night Out

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Keanu Reeves and his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, went out for a fancy night!

They drove to a big party called the MOCA Gala 2024 in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 13.

For their night out, Keanu, who is 59, wore a navy blue dress, while his girlfriend Alexandra, who is 54, wore a bright blue-green dress.

Keanu and Alexandra were last seen together at another party in November 2023. The couple started dating in 2019 and have gone to that party every year since.

Recently, someone close to them told a magazine some inside details about their relationship.

The insider described them as a hardworking couple who enjoy life together.

“They get invited to lots of parties but only go to the ones they really care about,” the source said. “They enjoy inviting friends over for dinner at their place.”

Another insider told the magazine that Keanu is “pleased” with Alexandra and calls her “a rare gem.”

“Everyone loves her. They live jointly and often have friends over for dinner,” the source said, adding that Alexandra visits Keanu at work or tours with him if he’s filming a movie somewhere else.

In September 2023, Alexandra said she was at a very separate stage in her life and relationship.

“Falling in love as a grown-up is great because I already have my job. I feel very sure about our relationship on the red carpet, and I feel confident alone, too,” she said.

Alexandra added that Keanu was “an inspiration” because he’s “so creative, so kind. He works so hard.”

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