Is Brassic Actor Joe Gilgun Married? Uncover His Relationship Past

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Joe Gilgun is famous for his superb acting skills, particularly in the well-liked show Brassic. He engages viewers with his authentic portrayal of tough characters.

His talent for blending humor and vulnerability into his roles has made him a versatile and engaging actor in the entertainment world. 

Gilgun’s mix of intelligence and sincerity on screen connects with viewers, showing him as a special figure in modern television.

With his impressive achievements and devoted fan following, many are curious about Joe Gilgun’s personal life and romantic status, notably among female audiences. 

For those interested in learning about Gilgun’s love life, we aim to glimpse his romantic experiences.

Is Brassic Actor Joe Gilgun Married or Dating Someone?

Is Brassic Actor Joe Gilgun Married or Dating Someone

Joe seems single now, though he has talked about being open to love. According to The Sun in 2020, during a chat Joe had with the TV star, he said that he once attempted using a dating app. 

“I’m not seeing anyone—Tinder doesn’t work for me; it’s full of people who aren’t honest—I’m sort of like a bit of a loner who likes feeding pigeons,” he joked.

In 2019, Joe also discussed his relationship status, saying he had discussed it during therapy. To quote The Guardian, “I had a moment of clarity. 

My therapist asked me, ‘Why aren’t you in a relationship?’ Why don’t you have your place? You have loads of money; you should do something about it.”

Brassic Actor Joe Gilgun Dating History

Brassic Actor Joe Gilgun Dating History

Gilgun has maintained a low profile regarding his personal life, especially romantic relationships. 

He opened up to Vice in 2016 about his first girlfriend, expressing that he was “very much in love.” Still, they chose to end things for good reasons. Interestingly, he chose not to disclose any specific names.

 One of the major people in his life was Vicky McClure, his co-star during “This Is England.”

After meeting on set in 2006, they became romantically involved but later decided to break up and remain friends.

Gilgun has publicly expressed his desire to develop an authentic and lasting relationship with someone he genuinely loves. 

He imagines himself living a normal life where he gets married, settles down, learns how to drive, and buys a house. 

Nonetheless, he knows that his hectic working plan and struggles with bipolar disorder make it difficult for him to create and sustain relationships.

While he has gained popularity, and people are always curious about his love life, Gilgun prefers to remain quiet on romance-related matters. 

According to sources, he is single in 2024 and hasn’t seen anyone else since breaking up with Vicky McClure.

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