Is Jay Hayden Gay? Divorce, Gay And Dating Rumours

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Jay Hayden, an American actor who has emerged in several TV shows, was born Jonathan Hayden. He hails from a small town in Northfield, Vermont. His mother is of Korean descent, and his father is of Irish origin.

Jay has been great on the small screen, and people always want to watch him. Many people remember him as one of the best actors.

However, one thing bothers most followers of Jay’s works: they ask themselves this question often. Today, we will investigate and find out. “Is Jay Hayden Gay?”

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Is Jay Hayden Gay?

Jay Hayden, who plays Travis Montgomery on “Station 19,” isn’t gay in real life, despite his role as an openly gay character on the show. He’s straight but committed to making Travis and the LGBTQ+ community feel real. 

He thinks it’s super important to show Travis that he is a genuine person with many layers. People like how Jay brings Travis to life because he doesn’t rely on stereotypes. Therefore, it is wise to believe in reliable sources when it comes to celeb sexual orientation.

 Is Jay Hayden Married?


Jay Hayden is not gay. He likes women. The tall actor once married Nicole Hayden, but now she goes by Nikki Marie Bloss. She is also an actress.

Jay and Nicole got married in June 2005, according to US Weekly. They were very reserved about the wedding ceremony, as the details were scanty. It was held privately for them only. They have two children, Amelia (born 2009) and Hasey (born 2014), and a son.

After being together for nearly fifteen years, Nicole no longer wished to be with Jay. She filed for divorce on February 13, 2020. 

This was because they could not coexist amicably, as they had marked disagreements.

Nicole wanted money from Jay after they divorced and asked him to pay her attorney’s fees. About two months later, on April 21, 2020, Jay also applied for divorce. 

He alleged that he stopped living with Nicole on January 4, 2020, once his marriage officially finished with the woman he had lived with since birth.

Jay requested joint custody of their children, Nikita John Hayden and Isaac Hayden, but said nothing quite striking regarding what will happen in the future about child support.

During the trial or settlement, he also requested that the court divide their possessions, finances, and liabilities according to prevailing laws as of May of the previous year until today; there are no new reports concerning these proceedings again—his call until then remained out of bounds.

Nicole changed her name from a legal view to Nikki Marie Bloss on April 22‚2021, following this news, updating it over her social media handle. She said she chose her grandmother’s surname due to her respect.

Is Jay Hayden Dating Someone in 2024?

Is Jay Hayden Dating Someone in 2024

Jay Hayden has been in a relationship with Jaina Lee Ortiz since divorcing in April 2021.

December 2021 saw rumors of a love affair between Jay Hayden and Jaina Lee Ortiz that were substantiated when the two went on vacation together to Italy in July 2023; they posted pictures of their trip on social media, thereby bringing fuel to the flames concerning their romance. According to sources, Jaina Lee Ortiz confirms that they are dating in 2024.

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